Beijing – Part 2 (March 2008)

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The next collection was on the flowers around Forbidden City, China. Did some macro shoot but i knew that it was not the perfect shot. I did tried my best and i’m such a newbie who are still exploring my own SLR. I was distracted with the peoples around,  mean the visitors itself since this is the only flowers that can be found within the forbidden city area. It’s not easy even though to get a single shot of it. Furthermore, time winter pun. Semua berebut-rebut nak get the best shot on the flowers.

Talking about the visitors, i managed to get a shot on the photographers around. Ada jumpa a few local photographers there and most of them semua older than me. Everytime i was holding on my SLR, peoples around sure cakap “nikon ha”. Itu je la yang dengar. And i really don’t understand much on their mother tongue. Most of the tourist kat sana using Canon and European tourists, banyak yang guna Sony especially A700. It seems that, its like normal camera for them.




The rest are all jumble up photos during my trip to Beijing

A trishaw operator resting at Hutong River

Me and my guide, Meng Meng

Me at summer place with a background of the Empress Puyi Flower

Sunrise at Beijing International Capital Airport

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

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