Year End Trip – London 2008

Salam everyone,

Taken from my archives in 

I’m back again. This is some of the photos taken during my study tour way back in London. I’ve spent 2 days to be in Imperial College London and Reading University (a lil bit outskirt from London town where you need to travel around 1 hour by car). Getting to know all the M.Sc student in both universities and meeting up with new friends. We did meet up with some of the Malaysian students there who are still pursuing their studies in postgraduate programmes. And the rest of the day, we spend most of our time tubing and walking around the city with my coursemates. I miss my trip to Paris since it was a last minutes decision. Ticket pun jadik mahal since only two of us (Me and Mat Nor) who are the only person who are interested to go. So, it definitely not our luck. Tak nak buat plan awal-awal. Insya allah, next time i guess. Ada lagi next time?

At Sir Alec Skempton working table, one of the world geotechnics speacialist.

The 2 super genius girls from Imperial College London, did their PhD at the age of 23, OMG!

Buckingham Palace changing of guard routine

Portobello Road. I had the best chocolate and fish and chips here.

St Paul Cathedral


Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

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