“E” Day

Salamz and Good Day Everyone

It was actually a backdated entry.  Event ini pun dah almost a month dah. The reason is that, i dont have much time to be in front of my computer and i just got the pix from my OP last week. Masa balik Kuantan last weekend, i did dropped by to The Photographer gallery and have a chit chat with them eventhough sekejap jek.  Korang nyer gallery mmg rock with all the traditional music! Rasa mcm kat spa! By the way, both of us (Zara and Fahd) would like to wish a million thanks to our family and cousins for making the day, our beloved friends for make it all the way to Kuantan and spending a day there with us (shikin, atul, aini, azreen, iwan, mie, muham and dd) and all the vendors of the event. Not to forget our close friends and colleagues who wish us through sms and phone calls on that day . Thanks again and we really appreciate it.

Alhamdulillah. And let the photos do the talking then. Sorry for the poor quality of the video. Not an expert pun since im not sure on the setting.  My bad! Btw, some of the photos taken by Fmuham and Nikolasaswad! Credit should also goes to them as well!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

Kindly change to HQ (higher quality) for better viewing. Pls click the thumbnail on the right and click HQ mode.


16 thoughts on ““E” Day

  1. zara7696 says:

    Lyn – Thanks Lyn! Muham datang utk makan plus amik gambar. hehehe. Tapi dia giler sopan santun masa event tue!


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