First Date

Salamz everyone

First date? Hehehe. Saturday-4.40pm-Wondermilk was my first date with Lil Yasmin. I’ve knew her past few years through her flickr. And she was such an interesting lil’ girl! Mana taknya, asyik travelling jek. It so happened that last Saturday we had a conversation through YM.

Lil Yas : Bile nak jumpa nie? im flying off next Wednesday
Me : Omg! dah nak balik ke? shoot! its been 3 months kan since u r here?
Lil Yas : ye lar, ye ye je nak jumpa
Me : Ok set, jumpa petang nie? how was that?
Lil Yas : Cun!

So, we meet up and chit chat mcm dah kenal over 10 years dah kot! over a glass of drinks and not to forget the lovely cuppies! 2 hours is so short. how i wish leh lepak lama lagik but the time doesnt permit us much ar. Afterall, sempat jugak la jumpa since she will only come back next year je pun! Thanks for letting me godek2 ur green holga. That was so cute eventhough your frenz cakap it look like water bottle! Aper lar. Tak patut betul. Hehehe. Btw, gambar-gambar dia cun lar! especially the color. Jeolous giler kot!And this is her link – YAS.

This pic was taken by her very good friend while they were in Bandung recently.

“Cik yasmin, talking about ur july invitation tue, i’ll try my best. Tak janji since banyak committment ar! Hehehe. I’m not like you guyz. Sudah-sudah la jalan tue. Buat sakit hati je dengar. Bawak-bawak la insaf sikit. Hehehe.”

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

15 thoughts on “First Date

  1. zara7696 says:

    Nikolasaswad – Budak tue yg kuat jalan2! Lagi offer suh join dia nyer trip this coming july and december.
    Cak – Ya, at least kan! All this while borak thru YM jek


  2. zara7696 says:

    Lian – she’s from Adelaide Lian. I tot u remember her! Tak ek? she was asking me kenapa tak ajak u lepak skali the other day. Next time i guess! Dia agak giler argh Lian, the first thing she was asking me —> “zara jom gi spain!”. ohh tidak!


  3. re : thanx zara 4 ur comment…

    wow!! mst syok meet the person yg ada hobby sama,apatah lg pix2 dia slalu jd inspirasi kamu…da masuk flickr yasmin, like the tone n compo….slamba jek folo ke spain….huhuhu!!!


  4. i totally forgot la zara.. lots of thingssss dlm kepale nih! pnat! yup i did played piano for a while.. huhu going back to JB diz friday.. got wedding on sat.. wish me luck!


  5. Fiziskandarz – Thanks! besh giler ek pot luck yg u buat recently!
    Azrulsham – Spain! how i wish i can go! berangan je lar.
    Lian – Lupa ek? nanti i recall balik kat u! balik ek? ohh ok! u shud kot!


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