Wedding Marathon (07/03 and 08/03)

Salamz everyone

Dont get me wrong. I’m not a wedding photographer to all the bride and groom tapi all the people around me got married over the weekend. And as usual, received their wedding invitation plus reminder in YM, SMS on the phone and etc. Ni dah gaya wajib kena datang kan? The first wedding will be definitely my big bro. This is the 1st ever wedding in the family and he’s one of the nephew in our big family yg paling disayangi. Due to the majority of nieces! Girls rock. The wedding photographer are from Tintacreative. First time of meeting up with Kak Uda, Abg Wan, Erwin and Faizol! My family really impressed with Kak Uda, preggy2 pun nyempat jek! Hahaha. And million thanks kerana melayan karenah cousin2 yg mengarut tue semua.


Both pics are from TintaCreative

When the reception ended at 6.00pm (HELLO!-sign of nak fainted immediately), i went back home and take a short nap and overshoot till 7.40pm. I checked the invitation card and ohmigod, the event start at 7.30pm. Shower, prayer and rush to the crime scene. Luckily, i managed to reach there at 10 minutes past 8. And have a time to chit chat we the bride and groom sbb derang belum masuk walkway. Congrats to Siner and Ryan! Nak sangat kahwin ngan “Kwai Low” kan! Amik nak! Hahaha. It was such a nice time to meet up with the rest of the classmates. Byk benda kena catch-up. Most of them came back from Singapore and abroad just nak attend the wedding. And Siner and Ryan are now back in US. Have a chat with them yesterday over the YM.


Dont ask! im the only malay girl there at the event, since there’s only 3 malay girl inΒ our class last time.

On Sunday, i rushed myself to Seremban from Kuantan to attend one of my bestfren wedding as well – Mr Hafizalazmie aka Nikolasaswad. The food are superb since all the way from Kuantan asyik duk teringat kat gulai lemak daging bakar. Sekali ada kat situ, aper lagik. Btw, just wanna wish congrats to Mie and his partner in life, Ruziana. Couldnt disturb much, nanti kena marah with the OP – Azwinomar aka Fmuham.


Simple me,
The Province of Chroma


17 thoughts on “Wedding Marathon (07/03 and 08/03)

  1. Azmie – tau takpe! berbaloi ok! otw asyik duk teringat jek nak makan benda tue. alih2 ada. tue yg TERBAIK tue. makan dah tak ingat orang dah! air ijau tue besh jugak. hahahaha. sampai abg DJ sound! siot betul. malu jek!


  2. terkejar-kejar wedding ni … sure letih … dr kuantan ke seremban pula … tintacreative? bley tanya, syakir ke yg shoot? member ofis saya tu πŸ˜‰


  3. zara7696 says:

    Radin – Tue lar Radin! hehehe.
    FarEast – Bukan Syakir. Kak Uda, Abg Wan and their 2 jr. photog, Erwin and Faizol! Kak Uda udah preggy. Nunggu masa jek.


  4. ehhee sis..!!selain dr job mmg suka giler gi kenduri kawen..makan free mehh….snggup turun walau jauh2…heee:P

    btw lawa pic kasut dr tintacreative tu…warna warnii gitu:P


  5. hi zara πŸ™‚
    musim kawen mmg sepanjang masa. diriku juga yg lom kawen ha. oh titak….
    hebatnye zara leh rush sana sini gi wedding sana sini. xleh bygkan if i travel with u. coz u said u leh je bjalan nonstop kan. adoi la… huhuhu…


  6. zara7696 says:

    Eridz – Ha’ah, baru je pindah.baru 3 months kot. hows life there? sure ok kan! gi istanbul plak ek! jeles giler!
    CikZati – Tau takper! makan je tau.
    Tutcute – Hehehe. Tue lar. Born to travel a lots kot! Jom2! Seperti yg dibincangkan.


  7. Huhuhuh.. Mmg marathon la kan. Budak2 tgh cuti skolah so mmg sajak la nak buat kenduri kawen time2 tu. πŸ™‚

    re: Nak t-shirt earth hour tu? Kena tunggu next earth hour la kot, hehe.. ;D


  8. huhu!! lama x lepak dgn abg wan n kak uda….aritu jumpe kt booth mereka at PICC…..mmg kawin da x tgk musim skang ni…zara bile lg??

    Lots of LOVE in April by azrulsham @ thePHOTOGRAPHER….u must c it!


  9. hohohoh! wedding marathon kaaa? πŸ˜› [ i can still clearly remembered terpanic2 nak carik adiah, check map, check date and panic2 pegi few places in 1 weekend hoho ] btw – gamba kasut adalah cantik! i like πŸ˜‰


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