I’m on Hiatus

Salamz Everyone,

Ya, i’m really on hiatus from blogging and taking photos. And today, it was exactly one month since the last time i put up my last post on my graduation day. Its one month! Phew. Lama jugak tue. Came early to the office today and was thinking of updating something on the blog. Actually, i got another corporate photoshoot today for some sort of ground breaking session but the Brunei’s Delegation want it to be called as “Upacara Menaikkan Tiang Seri” but i have to put off that one since i have some other committment today.

A lots of things happened to my life lately. Don’t mentioned about the hectic works. Rasa macam kena bully je kat new project nie and i still wondering, kenapa la i have to be stationed here in the most problematic project. Arghhh. Still boleh bersabar since the Project Manager are so good to me. Sabar, sabar.

I’ve been apart from my social life as well. Its been awhile from the last time i lepak with all the girls. Ishh, bersukan jauh skali. Miss futsal and touch rugby a lots! I think, i need to do something! Yeay, baru teringat, im going back to Kuantan next week! Heaven2.


This photo was taken long back when i was in Kuala Selangor

Simply Me,
The Province of Chroma

8 thoughts on “I’m on Hiatus

  1. zara7696 says:

    Miss u too! Ingat jugak ek! ingatkan dah tak ingat dah! agak2 la kan. baru tau keje tak besh kan? i told u before rite.


  2. zara7696 says:

    Lieyana – Tue lar, nampak familiar je that pix.
    Niknurliyani – Hahaha, tak best keje pun, anyway, selamat training esok!
    Cak – Tp banyak sangat keje pn tak besh gak.


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