I Should Change!

Salamz everyone

As usual, i’m a little bit slow in posting new entry in the blog right now. Entah le, maybe not in the mood for the past few weeks. Kerja di office yang semakin berlambak-lambak, but what make me sad is that my superior thought that i dun have any works to do! In fact my department in HQ came by for an inspection to check on my works and they were suprised since im doing all the tasks. And they even suggested that i should get an assistant. Tapi my boss is kind of kedekut and nak project profit within the range. Macam lar boleh dapat project incentive like 6 months salary kan! Hahahaha. I always put it at the positive side that my boss is actually blind, should i say as colour bind! that sound better i guess. And i think that is the main reason why the previous guy left from the position! Adoih, kenapa la malang sangat nasib kena hantar to that problematic project. Dah lar jadik hotspot skrang since all the VIPs bought a unit there. Poning den buat rumah orang-orang kaya nie.

And the main thing is that, i don’t have any new photo since i don’t take much photos nowadays. Or should i said as NONE la kot. Rather than spending time to write on my blog itself, i actually preferred to spend time by browsing through other people blog plak. hehehe.

By the way, i just wanna wish my very dear friends Azreen and Ayom for their big day the other day which happened early May. It was so much fun to see some of our primary school frens in your wedding and knowing new friends as well! Saya plak yang half demam after the wedding.

And not to forget, i only have 6 months left for my new mission. What should i do now and should i start with…


Simply me,
The Province of Chroma


15 thoughts on “I Should Change!

  1. new mission?
    kesian2..whatever happens, life must go on..
    my principal bought 32 CCTVs which worth 20k..
    tension keja but syiok la meeting da kids + entering da classes..
    da best is when i received a lot of cards + gifts on hari guru..
    terharu giler..all these keep me motivated 2 go 2 skol everyday..
    i’m going 2 padang dis june wif ustazah rafidah, pn norhaimi, cg baizura + cg hasnida..cm x pcaya ja..


  2. zara7696 says:

    zabreena! where have u been? lama tak dengar citer! mission? yeap, 2 mission done, and another one otw. yaa, true, those kids really admiring u i guess. Lupa nak wish, Happy Teacher’s Day! Are you serious zab? you are going to padang with them? ohmigod! camner leh terjebak skali nie? sempoi ar.


  3. hows ur preparation?fad called smlm.. wedding favors dah ready?? miss u guys so much =( lian cam xde lfe la skrg.. lonely nyeeee


  4. zara7696 says:

    Lian – Shuh! Senyap2 jek. hahaha. Ya, he told me as well. Entah mana ilang budak sorang nie. Dia kalau dah call lian tue, he miss u la tue.
    Nikolasaswad – Merempit, sejak dua menjak je nie. Boleh rempit ken guna vespa tue ek?


  5. zara7696 says:

    FarEast – Tau takper! tue lar, tension gak!
    Fiziskandarz – Busy giler ok! Takder la mcm orang tue, dah kat salzburg skrang nie! jeolous giler key!
    Cak – Hahaha, merempit apa nya, siap tak leh gerak motor tue pun ada gak.


  6. rileks2 siss…
    jgn tetensyen…
    kalo kepala asyik pk keje jer.. xkemana siss…
    do enjoy ur life…
    yg penting, ape kite buat yg penting happy…
    bos u plak tuh, layankn je kepala dia tuhh.. xlame la dia tuh nnt, hahaha…
    sambil2 bekerja tuhh, layankan lagu “Lalala Kerja laa..” by Meet Uncle Hussein…
    sure layannzz… πŸ˜‰


  7. ag says:

    dah lebih smnggu ni.. bila nk update?
    anw.. jgn ingt jg diri jer za. kete pun kena jg gak… hehe
    hop ur car dah back on d street.. so xyah lah naik vespa lagi… hee~


  8. zara7696 says:

    Radin – Tuh betul radin! how i wish u r my boss! boleh tak mcm tue. sure lepak jek. hehehe. besh2, terbaik
    Tutcute – kerja sangat melambak, bawak tat vespa? hahahaha, vespa tue kat indon. sudah ditinggalkan.
    WKS – Sama la kita, sudah jarang bergambaran
    AG – Amboi2, tau2 je AG ek. hehehe. keta ku sudah selamat.


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