One of Those That I Missed

Salamz everyone,

While browsing through my ext HDD over lunch today, i saw a folder of my pix and i really miss those times. It seems that i miss it last year and i don’t think i can make myself available this year. Konon-konon berangan nak join as participant tapi i think i better put that aside. Become one of the marshall pun dah cukup to be part with all those peoples yg sekepala in adventure activities. Coz what we talked most of the times is everything about new place, whether u have try this out or not, have you been there and some sort other stuff as well. And not to mentioned, you will be suprised when you knew that most of them are professionals.

It was just an old photos, and this event happened somewhere in 2007. As mentioned, i missed the event for last year. And obviously not going for this year as well. Dan saya juga sudah jarang ketemu dengan mereka since dah lama im not going for my wall climbing activities.







And last, me and Jin Yoong (my marshall mates), he was damn good in off road cycling, and he used to cycle all over Thailand. Jin Yoong tgh panic nak abseil since he got phobia in height, but i forced him! and he thanked me. Lebih-lebih plak mamat nie nak buat 2-3 kali. At first takut, siap suh tunggu!

Basically, this was in KKB. We cycle, we sprint, we raft, we abseil, we hike and end of the day, we FLAT and not to mentioned, sunburned all the way! But it was such an experience to see all those ironmon from all around the world.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma


18 thoughts on “One of Those That I Missed

  1. zara7696 says:

    Cak – menarik ek? hahaha. for me menarik la kot. not sure for other ppl.
    Nikolasaswad – Pak polisi tue berdedikasi giler? orang lain tgh struggle nak pasang gear,, relax je dia. hahaha.


  2. gf… y i can see all ur pic a? huhu.. sedey tau.. i off to kemaman last week n trus shoot p redang after de kenduri.. now da balik opis..hehe..redang is heaven


  3. sis, tengaok gambar structure and sungai/jeram kat gambar atas tu, terus dapat tangkap kat ne! penah g water rafting kat jeram tuh! best! 😀


  4. ya hor u love doing those extreme sports..i miss a lot of things 2..dis year, i’m really bz bcoz i’m taking all da form3 classes n 1 form1 class..da good news is that 1 of our students will compete 4 ASAT pblic speaking, national lvl this july in kl..i’m soooooo proud of her ; ) hp rosak lar, abis la all da numbers..


  5. zara7696 says:

    Cik Ecah – Redang besh la cik ecah! seriously heaven!
    Meego – I bet u know! Rafting kat situ mmg terbaik! But i missed Padas! tak sempat gi ar.
    Zabreena – Sure u tau kan! Btw, u must be very proud of them! wish them best of luck dear!


  6. zara7696 says:

    FarEast – sangat besh lar! seyes! i really miss all those things!
    Sani – confirm menarik! hehehe.
    Nadnad – Apa tak beshnya! sangat besh kot. mau join? hehehe.


  7. zara7696 says:

    Hanif Ramli – Gayat? mmg frenz yg sebelah tue gayat lar. tapi he managed to overcome it. luckily!
    Fiziskandarz – Ya, love it so much!
    Izwan – Makin tua? dude, the participant ada yg 50+. ok je derang.
    Ad+Apex – Sangat besh!!!


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