Home Sweet Home

Salamz everyone,

After quite sometimes (i think the last trip back to Kuantan was in mid May), i’m finally home. I’m going back to Kuantan today! Ya, i know. Kuantan and KL was not that far, tapi aper boleh buat. I’m working on saturday and i have Sunday duty as well.  Hampir 2 bulan tak balik rumah? Wow! But i definitely have a very big excuses since my beloved mum is in KL almost every week. Hehehe.

My first thought “nak makan aper ek?”. The list goes on guys!

Btw, just wanna wish Big Congrats to my bff, Hanie on her engagement today. Sorry since i can’t make it. And not to forget Fahmi as well.

The Province of Chroma


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. zara7696 says:

    obviously nad! sangat2! saya tau lar cik nadia sudah berapa di rumah! jeolous betul, dah la balik almost everyweek.


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