Salamz everyone,

This is a conversation between us (me, sis and bro) and our beloved mom. She sometimes got confused in the words, terms, peoples that she used in her conversation. And sometimes she make us confused as well.

1st conversation
Mama : Mama rasa cam nak gi Harvey Davidson la nanti. I’m looking for something.
Us : Huh? (looking at each other). Mama! Its Harvey Norman lar.
Mama : Ha’ah lar. Sorry2.

2nd conversation happened when we were watching APM’09
Mama : Mama tgk Faizal Tahir dah mcm “black magic” dah, with all the nail polish and eye liner.
Us : Huh? Mama, did you mean “black metal”?
Mama : Ohh ya, its black metal ek? Bukan black magic lar. Hahaha. I’m confused la plak. Tadik kan we were talking about David Blaine.

3rd conversation
Mama : That day i watched this series Numb-Er(the pronunciation). Besh jugak. A police investigation with the help of math professor.
Us : Huh? (looking at each other, and kitaorang plak yang confused). Mama did you mean Numb3r, the guys with the curly hair tue ek?
Mama : How is the pronouncation again? Number ek?
Us : Laughing out loud!

This is some of the conversation that i could remember. The list goes on and on. Afterall, she’s rock! Seriously, i really mean it. We love her so much. Btw, she keep buzzing me in the YM skrang nie. Mentang2 dah pandai YM kan. Hehehe. I guess facebook next ek Mama?

null*This was taken during my big bro wedding. Thats mum and us.

Simple me,
The Province Of Chroma


12 thoughts on “She

  1. zara7696 says:

    Lian, where have you been? rindu bangat sama kamu! i miss nanamir a lots lar! dah tak besh dah skrang lar.


  2. she’s rock..hehe. kekonfiusan beliau menceriakan suasana.

    >>dok kat ABC. Nazri’s place. tp sempat gi lunch kat salang. penah buat jungle trekking kat situ 4-5 tahun yg lepaaaaaas.


  3. zara7696 says:

    Azmieharun – Hahaha, i think i should kan!
    Fiziskandarz – I will!
    Cak – ha’ah, agak lar! adoih, i miss the place lar Cak
    FarEast – lagi advance ke? hahahaha. she even stalking to my blog as well.


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