Hanie & Fahmie Engagement

Salamz everyone,

Hanie, my bff and Fahmie, a new friend of mine got engaged last mid July. I didn’t have a chance to be there on their engagement due to some reason since i need to go back to my hometown. Sorry to both of them and i hope i can make myself available this coming February, Insya allah. Ikut turn ok!

I knew that Fahmie yang paling marah to both of us (me and En. Tunang) for not being there masa their engagement. To Hanie’s mum, sorry jugak! I even received a phone call from Fahmie late evening asking me the reason why i’m not there during the event. Tapi takper, this is for you guyz and Fahmie, jangan bising2 kat facebook lagik ok!





This pix was taken by Tasya.

The Province of Chroma

10 thoughts on “Hanie & Fahmie Engagement

  1. dont worry … explain supaya dia org faham kenapa x dpt dtg … saya jgn kira la, asyik x dtg je wedding member2 rapat … tp explain elok2 … insyallah dia org akan faham 😉


  2. Fahmie and Hani, both of you rock! Congratz on your “E’ day. After this beri laluan to both of us 1st and then you all follow. Huhu


  3. taro says:

    hisyyyy..takkkkkkkkan la kterang nk overtake korg..nnt jd pembelot hubungan kawan2 plak..gmbr kt eskalator pon kterang posponed tau..auummm~


  4. hani says:

    Thanks Fahd! kitorg dh beri laluan utk both of you..tp bkn ada org lain tetiba buat dulu dr u guys ke? oppssss…sape eh kak zara?? hehehe


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