My Lil Sis

Salamz everyone,

Big congrats to my lil sis on her recent convocation just before puasa. She will always been our lil sis in the family forever. And i still remember my mum’s favourite quote “itu je lar satu-satunya adik yang awak ada”. And when we heard this, we automatically did everything that my lil sis wanted without any further comment. Ini agak-agaknya salah satu faktor manjakan adik ek?

She graduated in civil engineering and she is currently doing her postgraduate studies in the same uni. My elder sis told me that when they were in the hall, she can see my mum’s crying and i bet she must be very happy since my lil sis were last in the family and all of us are finally graduated in our own fields. Alhamdullillah.

Once again, Zareda aka Akak, if you are reading this, Big Congrats and all the best. We are really proud of you!







The Province of Chroma

13 thoughts on “My Lil Sis

  1. niknurliyani says:

    wow..cantiknye pics nie..yg penting gmbr sy ada..hehehe..bile zareda aka akak nk pass pics nie..xpe2..raye nnt sy serbu ngn pendrive yeaa..hehehe..tungguuuu..


  2. zara7696 says:

    Datang ar rumah for raya nanti! nak serbu dengan pendrive? xder hal lar. in fact, my sis pun lum dapat softcopy pun lagik. upload kat facebook dia jek. hehehe.


  3. zara7696 says:

    Cak – Thanks Cak! Really appreciate it! I think my mum and my sis is reading this as well.
    Fiziskandarz – Terror? issh! amik suka2 jek. Salam Merdeka to u too! Btw, hoping that u had a great Ramadhan there.


  4. azEEra says:


    big congrats 2 ur little sis
    eventho she’s not dat ‘little’ anymore
    but she’s still d youngest tho
    dats y she deserved 2 get everything n 2 b pampered..
    again congrats gal on ur blast day


  5. zara7696 says:

    Wenkt – Aler, i dah took a package kat MATTA lar. waiting for u tak dapat2 lagik. huhu. Next destination i guess.
    Tutcute – Salam Ramadhan to u too
    Azeera – Ya true! Forever i guess. hehehe. u pun ada adik kan? sure tau punya.
    Zareda – Ini lar my lil sis nyer! hehehe.


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