The End of & Ampers’and

Salam everyone,

Yeap, this is the end of my 2nd project that i’ve been working on. After a 2 years stint here, i’ve been working with such a wonderful colleagues around. And a numbers of them did left by joining some other well known company in the industry. I was not with the project team since start, but again, it was such a journey.

Early of July this year, i was informed by my previous project manager that i’ll be transferred to an infra project (roadworks). Ermmm, which it will be definitely my very 1st project in infra. Knowledge? Totally zero! Hehehe. I’ve been doing building works for the past 4 years. And again, another journey to start ahead! And definitely, moving in again! Argggghh! I’ve been moving around from PJ, to KL City Centre and now i’m in Cheras. Keje aku nie asyik nak kena pindah jek. Haih. But, i would be very grateful since i did not have to be transferred out to some outstation project in Karak or Sarawak. Alhamdulillah.

I then decided to take a photos of my project as a journal since i did not captured anyting from my 1st project. What a waste! And skrang nie, it has been way too difficult just to take a photos there since there a lots of advertisement shooting that has been going on there. Eeeee, nyesal gile! I grew up there since i graduated.

Enjoy the pix, and obviously, im not good in taking up photos of building! Eventhough the unit cost about 3.5million. Don’t blame me if they look cheapo on my camera. Hahahaha. I always think how those photographers who took all the photos for the company profile, house brochure and etc. They really did a great job!

*I can’t imagine seeing all those millionaires walking in and out of my project. Dalam hati, banyak gile duit makcik nie? hehehe.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

The Main Entrance

The Show Unit



The Common Area (This is where i normally lepak after work, but most of the time during my break, i’ll be at the Koi Pond area. My fish getting bigger and bigger each day! Yeay)


This is what i called as HUTAN! Hehehe.


The concrete sofa. We do have a BRC sofa as well. Berpetak punggung kalau duduk. Hehehe. And most who are doing landscape will know who work is this kan? :d


Such a small common pool. I really don’t get this. What is this for if all the units has been provided with their own lap and reflective pool. Confirm takder orang mandi sini kan? Hehehe.


10 thoughts on “The End of & Ampers’and

  1. ramadhan kareem. we defo wont be telling u anything about our project here as it’s no where near this fancy state of the art ID + architecture stuff! u must keep all the pictures! good for the memory and ur portfolio 😉


  2. zara7696 says:

    Tutcute – Jeles? Tak yah jeles lar! Keje nie penat ok.
    Aleyn – Tau takper kak. Ada yg siap beli 2-3 units sekali. Imagine that!
    Fiziskandarz – Ya true! Happy puasa to both of u. 😀


  3. zara7696 says:

    Zabreena – I guess so! Obviously an extra money for them la kan? Half of it are property investor. Dapat untung atas angin jek. Beshnya!


  4. ::: salam zara~AB, pekabar? dan salam kemerdekaan serta selamat berpuasa buat zara & famili.. ingatkan ini rumah zara, pengsan! [huhu] yelaa rumah cantik mcm nih, mmg jadi idaman setiap individu.. bila zara kata RM3.5 juta, lagilaa pengsan! [hehe] Aleyn kata ramainyer org kaya kat m’sia, [huhu] rasanya org diplomat asing atau warga asing ajer yg beli rumah sebegini mahal.. rata2 kebykan org malaysia nih berpendatan sederhana.. jurang antara kaya & miskin tak jauh, tak sama spt negara indon/india/USA etc.. anyway sukee ler bangku batu, hutan kecil & kolam renang tuh.. very nice..

    ~ selamat berbuka, bersahur, berpuasa & terawih zara.. 🙂 😀 8)


  5. zara7696 says:

    Zira – Yeap, my project. Beli? omg! Nak bayar deposit pun tak mampu. One day insya allah. If ada rezeki.
    Reactivate – Baik. Alhamdulillah. Yeap, most of them are foreigner but there are local as well. And most of them are investors. Btw, i tak keje as architect. I build the building.


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