We’re M.A.R.R.I.E.D

We’re M.A.R.R.I.E.D

The bride and groom would like to thank

Lian and Nita
For all your help without complaining. Not even once. We couldn’t have asked for a better friend where you guys are always there when we were stressed out and helping us with all the D-I-Y projects for the wedding! It’s fabulous. And also to Lian, for the constants visits to the florist and deco shop. Not to forget our pre-wedding photos, hantaran, bridesmaid bouquet and etc! Everybody loves it so much! And thanks again to both for accompanying me for a hot sunny day outdoor photo shoot! God’s know!

Iwan (Best man)
For being our best man and looking ever so fine in your baju melayu! Thanks again for spending your time with us in less than 24 hours and make it all the way from Johor! We appreciated it.

Hanie, Lian, Nita, Atul, Suraiya, Zareda and Shikin
For being our gedik-ness bridesmaid and looking ever so fine in your grey silk except Shikin. You owe me one Shikin!

To the rest of our friends and family,
For taking the time to share the special day with us the other day. We enjoyed it so much!
Kak Diyah – Thanks for the lovely hantaran. You got such a magic touch!
Abg Nizam & Kak Nita – Nice car and thanks for being our transporter. We really owed you guys.
Mie and Ina – For being a really good host, transporter to the groom entourage and our usher. Thanks for the time! You have been the best cousin on earth!
Anjang & Ijan – The best floor manager & asst floor manager ever for helping us to coordinate with all the logistic.
Anelia, Kak Ah, Nana, Ninie – I owed you guys and we like the baju as well! You guys look so hot and fabulous girls! Jeolous! Thanks again for holding up the responsibilities to distribute the favors and in charge of the guest book and finishing all the lauk2 pengantin! Ada evidence ok!
Along, Angah – Thanks for your time in collecting the cake and become the last minutes participant in the bride and groom convoy.
Zahrin – Our music coordinator and thanks again for taking the job away from the DJ. Thank god! Nice cake as well! Couldn’t say much.
All our Aunts and Uncles – For being the usherette during the reception.
All our Cousins, Nieces and Nephews – Couldn’t mention everyone here where we are such in a big family and I know you guys is always there help us all the way! Thanks again! We really love you guys!
Epikt.net – Our official photographer, Fly and Fadz. You guys rock!
D’Nora Collection & Team – Our official decorator and make up. It was such an experience to work with both the team! You guys are so professional.

And last but not least,
To our parents, Mama and my beloved siblings – Zaid, Kak Shida (SIL), Zafe, Zareda who running like cats and dogs, here and there.
Who loved us and raised us and gave us all the support in the world. We love you more than words can express.

We loved you guys!

Some teaser from our OP, Epikt







 See you guys again in Johor this coming January!


15 thoughts on “We’re M.A.R.R.I.E.D

  1. zara7696 says:

    Cak – Kongratulasi? hehehe. nice words! Insya allah. Full entry coming up. Tgh carik masa.
    Zatty – Thanks Zatty! Yeap, i definitely agreed with u!


  2. zara7696 says:

    rasa cam takder complaint pun. ada ek? hehehehe. thanks Lian! me and fahd sangat2 appreciated that you spare soo much time for our wedding the other day. btw, Kak Uda thought that Lian yg OP for that outdoor photoshoot. hehehe.


  3. edzan says:

    Blood is thicker than water … glad to help & so happy for u since u have finally found ur life partner. Be as good a wife as u r a niece and a daughter. B there for each other & we’ll definitely b here for u. Ajg doakan semoga senantiasa dilindungi Allah, dikekalkan jodoh sehingga ke akhir hayat & hidup Zara ^ Fahd dipenuhi dgn cahaya kegembiraan senantiasa … AMIN. Fahd – welcome to our family, dysfunctional & all.


  4. darling gf,
    tahniahhhhhh…huhuhu..sangat cowie tak leh attend wedding..mmg da plan nak p sesangat dah..huhu
    nway, once again.. billion congrates to u guys.. org doakan korang bahagia hingga ujung nyawa..


  5. hey babe, sorry tak dapat attend ur wedding or even informing u im not coming..aderhal yang x dapat dielakkan..

    neway,congrats to both of u n wish u guys all da best in ur married life..hehe welcome to the club!


  6. zara7696 says:

    Anjang – Thanks Anjang! Appreciate it!
    Azmieharun – Mie, thanks for coming the other day! Appreciate sangat!
    Ecah – Thanks Ecah! Its ok.
    Nik – Huh? nak gi intai ek! hahaha. mana la tau nak gi outdoor kat Batu Hitam. Last minute decision
    Jamie – Thanks Jamie!


  7. hey hey hey!!
    1. 1st and foremost, congratulations from both of us!! 😀
    2. nak tgk gamba wedding! nak! nak! we want more! we want more! 😀
    3. also, happy new year to u + hubby [ ehem ], hope u 2 lovebird will have a great great year ahead 🙂


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