Salamz everyone,

Still about the wedding. Biar pun orang sampai muak nak baca ni nanti. Hehehe. This conversation was happened on the day of my reception. Around 8.30am.

Undermysin : Uik, online? Bukan ari nie ur wedding ke?
Me : Haah, online je pun. Wake up early. Nak check balik tentative and DJ nyer text. Tak nak derang cakap merapu! And outline for the songs to be played later on. Last minutes punya keje. Jangan kacau ek. Hahaha.
Undermysin : Selamba badak jek, tgh ari nie reception leh online2 lagik ek?
Me : Selamba je lar, smlm before akad nikah pun online gak! walaupun cuak nak mampus. Tuhan je tau! Korang tak datang ke?
Undermysin : Nak gerak la jap lagik nie! Tgh tunggu yg lain! Gi 2 keta
Me : Serious ek? Cya guys then! Mandi pun blum nie! Hahaha.

I really appreciated and thanks a lot to them! Nasib baik ada the navigator, Mr Fmuham, where the only person who got my card was only Didie. Itupun last minutes post. Konon-konon nak bagi card kat diaorang by hand lar. hahaha. Dream on! So, thanks guys!




Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

8 thoughts on “Them!

  1. zara7696 says:

    life great! bile nak kahwin kot? hehehe. dekat sangat ek! insya allah, kalau the invitation fly into my mailbox, i akan datang jugak. no worries.


  2. hohoho.. how’s married life? [ we bet u 2 lovebird must be at a time of ur life now hoho ] keep on writing about ur wedding. it’s YOUR blog anyway, not for other to dictate hoho. once again – CONGRATULATIONS + HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  3. zara7696 says:

    Hey guyz! life? great! hehehe. ada companian dah skrang kan! quite bz since we’re moving to a new house and we got another reception coming this month end. can’t wait to get the full version of the wedding photos from my official photographer. thanks again and happy new year to u too! will update and i will come up with a slide show.


  4. zara7696 says:

    Cak – Rock ek? penat senyum kot! hahaha.
    Azmieharun – Dah lama tak dengar nama tue! Hahaha. History kan! Betul tak? Afterall, the family akan grow year by year kan! hehehe.


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