“The Beach” – Part 1

Salamz everyone,

The Beach Part 1? Is there going to be another part? I sendiri tak tau. Maybe i just caught up writing because i got too much photos on my memory card and i was talking to myself that there it will be a series. I was in Krabi, Thailand for my honeymoon early Jan this year. My hubby can’t wait for the trip. Actually, i was discussing with my hubby (once upon a time, he was my fiance) during our engagement period on our honeymoon. I really heart island so much as if i got a license in scuba diving jek. My choice will be Krabi (Thailand), Boracay (Phillipines) and Maldives. And obviously he will opt for the cheapest one kan? Which is Krabi! And as usual, i’ll browse through the net on the review for self arrangement on the holiday. Booked my own flight ticket, hotel and tour.

I managed to booked Sunda Resort (owned by Muslim) which is much more better for us. I really heart their canal side room. Thanks again to Sandha, Assanee, Yah and Nana for the hospitality. They have make and early arrangement for our honeymoon suite! We laughed out loud when we walked into the room. And IMPRESSED too! And we’re so amazed on how they fold the towel into swan, elephant and etc! Sayang betul nak bukak!



Right after that, we went to the Tiger Cave Temple which is nearby to the airport. It is one of the most famous temple in Krabi and we don’t spent so much time there since we have to climb the staircases. En Hubby kata penat. And sama macam Batu Caves. We decided to walk around and to stay away from all the monkey. Monyet-monyet kat sana agak liar la jugak. Haih. And the surrounding area are under construction where they will expand their temple.



Late afternoon, perut dah mula bising dah and we decided to go to Ao Nang beach to get some dinner and strolling down to the beach. Luckily it was just a small stretched of street but pack with small shop, kiosk, restaurant, stall and etc. We walked up to the mosque where a lots of muslim restaurant there. Tak susah nak carik halal food in Krabi since most of them are muslim. I was amazed on one of the gallery here which is FRIEND Gallery. They have a tonnes of collection on canvas painting. Cantik giler and they took such a little time to complete it. And most of them are young talented teenagers!





And again, me, at the Ao Nang street.

Picture of both of us? Later! I’ll update more after this since this is only Day 1 photos. There are more to come especially on the 4 island and Phi Phi Island trip. Sampai sekarang masih tak leh lupa Phi Phi Ley and Maya Bay! Adoih. Btw , sorry of my bad writing.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

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