“The Beach” – Part 2

Salam everyone,

Writing again about “The Beach” and this time is about the 4 Island Trip compliment by our resort. You can get this trip from the Travel Agent at Ao Nang. If i’m not mistaken, dalam pamphlet they will stated around 1400 Baht (equal to RM140) but you can always nego with them. Normally for Asian people, they could reduced it to 700 to 800 Baht and this is what most local people told me so. And for European, they always charged around 1200 Baht. Sorry guys! Same goes to other trip as well. Hehehe. This is the price thay you have to pay for being whites.

The 4 island trip will covered Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang Cave. This is just a small island around Ao Nang area. And they will stop by at some of the snorkelling spot. But i preferred the snorkelling spot at Lohsamah Bay and Open Sea snorkelling (this will be covered in Phi Phi Island Trip). Will update soon on this! The best part to be in the boat is to know and meet up new peoples all across the world! That was the best part!

Tup Island beach


You can walked in between these 2 islands and the boat will just stop in the middle. Amazing huh! Air in between island ni cetek jek. Around knee length!


Chicken Island. Can you see the stones which look like a chicken head.


Poda Island





Floating Restaurant i could say which can be found at all this small island


This is the Phra Nang Cave where you can find a Buddha Statue in the cave. They even have a small resort here. Heavy rainfall in late afternoon. Weather seems to be unpredictable here even though they said that this is the best times to discover Krabi. When we’re squatting at one of the shade, we talked to one of travelers there and he told us that experience such heavy rainfall when they were on their way to Phi Phi Island. Hoping that we’ll be having such a sunny day the next day! Insya Allah.


And we do rent a scooter from our resort and we took  the bike all the way to the Krabi Town.  Kena marah with my hubby since Krabi Town from Ao Nang is 25 minutes away.  I decided to get to Krabi since both of us dah tersilap isi minyak and isi PENUH which cost us 80 Baht. Rasa rugi nak return back to the resort with the petrol yang still penuh. By the way, just wanna share with you guys that the scooter rental is just 200 Baht = RM20 and the rental is for 24 hours. How cheap is that!.

Will update “The Beach” – Final Part. Obviously it will be on the Phi Phi Island trip which i heart soo much! Masih tak dapat lupakan the water and the beautiful beach there.

Catch up with you guys later.

Simply me,

The Province of Chroma

8 thoughts on ““The Beach” – Part 2

  1. zara, hows the hotel.. i need recommendation la, my wedding in end july and im going to krabi straight after recep.. ive the flight tic already but hotel je susah.. nak muslim owned hotel.. banyak ada but susah nak dapat review.. this is my mail hudabakar@gmail.com


  2. zara7696 says:

    Ecah – hahaha, told u!
    Yol – Cepat kahwin yol! btw, tak kahwin pun leh jek gi Krabi! cheh! dan2.
    Nurulhuda – Will email to u ASAP as i got all the info k!


  3. enjoy reading ur trip to krabi. yes of kos it was awesome. too bad i didnt go to trip 4island trip. tonite will be my 2nd trip backpack to krabi. sure will habiskan krabi. hoho!


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