“The Beach” – Final Part

Salam and good day

It was a long due entry on the Final Part of my Krabi trip since i was so busy with my reception for my hubby side in Johor and moving to our new crib. And Alhamdulillah and syukur that everything are on track. And not to forget to my silent reader of mine who has been emailing and YM me on the Krabi info, check your mail guys.

Basically, on our 3rd days, we took Phi Phi Island Tour from the local agent and choose Ao Nang Orchid and the price is really reasonable. Please mention that you guys are from Malaysia. I really looking forward for this island tour since it will covered Maya Bay and Phi Ley Bay. These are the highlights of the trip.

Let the photos do the talking

Our new friends from Germany. We are the last couple to be in the boat and they send us directly to the front deck of the speed boat. Luckily semua kat front deck yg happening jek. We really enjoyed it!

Open sea area where we’re heading to the Viking Cave. The most famous cave and they are people living in the cave.


Entering the Phi Ley Bay. The most beautiful lagoon in Phi Phi Ley. How i wish I can swim there as well. Ignore Brad, our new friends from US and he got married with a Thai. This was his first trip back to Thailand to visit his in law family.

Us at Phi Ley Bay. Taken by our boat guide. Credit to him. By the way, do bring enough sun block. Panas sangat2! Tengok la betapa gelap nyer kitaorang nie. Ngalahkan boatman dah!

Maya Bay where the film location of The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Again, I’m speechless. Clear water and not to forget the beautiful soft white sandy beach. It has been voted as 10 most beautiful beach in the world. Put off your flip flop and feel the sand. You will love it.And too much skin here! Hubby mata melilau jek.

We couldn’t snap much photos on this trip since there are a lots of pit stop compared to 4 island tour. This is the recap of the trip – Ao Nang Beach – Viking Cave – Phi Ley Bay – Maya Bay – Lohsamah Bay (Snorkelling) – Phi Phi Don (Main Island) – Monkey Beach (Be careful with the wild monkey there) – Hin Klarng (Open Sea Snorkelling, love it soo much) – Bamboo Island – Back to Ao Nang Beach

We’re planning for our next trip! Anyone?

P.S: Wanna wish Big Congrats to my sis in law on her flying colour STPM results and for being the best student in the school.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

12 thoughts on ““The Beach” – Final Part

  1. uhuhhh…sesangatlah best weh. tak pyh le nk ber-sun block pon. dah namanya gi pulau..mesti la itam kan…ahaha.

    >> diam2 sudeyy..hehe.


  2. zara7696 says:

    Cak – Kena sun block, panas kat sana lain ar compared to Malaysia. Hangat semacam jek.
    Ecah – Nyesal? sungguh cute la awk nie cik ecah! hahaha.


  3. sal says:

    Hi zara,

    Just wanna ask you about your wedding preparation. But kinda prefer to do it privately.
    Since I cant find your email anywhere on your blog, decided to drop a msg here instead.
    Would really appreciate it if you could drop me a simple email yer.

    By the way, congratulations!


  4. zara7696 says:

    Dear, thanks for dropping by! Pls check ur mail. U wanted to ask me about my wedding prep? Suprised since i pun tak explain and citer all my wedding prep here but willing to help u out! no problem! Hehehe. Can’t wait to here from u soon!


  5. zara7696 says:

    Fakhrul – sama2! i like ur music background. try carik tapi tak jumpa.
    Syuksharkawi – i inspire all ur travel photo!


  6. reena says:

    terima kasih memberi info ttg krabi ni.. next month insyaAllah akn terbang kesana..terlambat baca blog awk ni.. dah booking di Aonang resort.. klu tak blh tgk’sunda resort’ ni.. nak tnya utk pakej yg last ni berapa baht dia charge? ada tak terjumpe pakej utk elephant trekking? ari tu nak booking sekali dgn air asia.. tp member bgtau lg murah terus book kat sana..oh ye 1 bath convert to MYR berapa? thanks 4 the information..


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