Salam everyone,

Ya, im doing this post for the sake of updating the blog. My bad! So Cak and Syuk, i’ve updated the blog! I didnt owe anytin from you guys anymore kan? Hehehe. Sorry for not updating even an entry for the past one month. The only thing that i remember is that i’ve posted a Raya Card. Thats all. And again, been busy in the office settling all the previous documentation yang upside down back here. And to be frank, 2 months i kat sini pun tak settle2 lagik. I only got a chance to do a site visit up to 2-3 times je since i reported to this project. What a lame excuses kan? Dah la dah takder assistant, and the most i could do, if i couldnt stand pun, i bakar je sume documentation tue (Dalam hati je, nak buat tak berani pun. Haih!)

So as usual, at this STRESS point, i’ll be on leave from tomorrow till next monday. And that is the only good news for me now. Will be flying off soon with a little amount of money in hand. :(.  Insya allah, will complete the journey by visiting all those stated in the notes. Kata budget travelling.

* All my raya pics is still with my sis in law. She insist to get all those copies of the pics from my camera. Then i just let her do it by her own since i’m busy watching out tv and melayan aunt, uncle and cousin around. Alih2, dia cut and paste everything. Confirm my memory card dah clear semua. Still waiting a copy of all those pics from her.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

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