Good Morning Saigon – Part 1

Salam everyone,

Again, I don’t even know how on earth I end up travelling in Saigon @ Ho Chi Minh. My sis text me out in the messenger and telling me that there are promotion around. We checked the date on the calendar and we strictly grab the ticket for 4 (me, hubby, sis and mum) of us. It supposed to be a birthday treat to my mum and hubby (March babies). Unfortunately, hubby has to put this one off last minutes since he couldn’t be release from his leave. This is all because of the international conference and exhibition he’s having back in PWTC organized by his faculty over the weekend. Poor him. But, there’s always next time I guess. Or next year! Hehe.

I started my journey early in the morning and the flight took us about 2 hrs times. And based on the itinerary that we’re having for 4 days (a very limited times to discover Saigon), we have to get our feet on the road as soon as possible. My 1st impression on Saigon is massive MOTORBIKE on the road. Not to forget the sound of hones here and there. I would say, every single second. I got the fact from one of our tour guide, Luc that there are 40 million motorbikes in Vietnam itself out of 90 million peoples. Average of 35 peoples died everyday in Vietnam and 5 peoples died in Saigon to be specific.

We stroll down the road based on the map given by the hotel. And seriously, it is much easier to walk around. Most of the buildings in Vietnam are influenced by the French design. And one of it is the Community Hall on the way to Dong Khoi street (sort of Jalan Bukit Bintang with all the designer outlet around). Rear elevation of my mum’s on the right. She’s busy snapping all the photos to be uploaded in her FB and she’s carrying her own digicam all around. Isnt that lovely?



Lunch? We then headed ourself to Parkson (wholly owned by Malaysian) and there are Halal Food in the food court. Overall, you wont find any difficulties in getting Halal food around. We managed to get ourself a treat at D’Anjung, Bombay, Halal @ Saigon and V.N Halal. The food? Superb and marvellous! Should try out the spring roll and the beef noodle (Pho`). Not to forget all the bakeries and pastries around. Heaven!

We then again walked to the Independence Palace. It used to be the home and the office President.  Again, in overall, the president lifestyle, ermm, i would say as way too LAVISH!




We took almost 1 and 1/2 hours to cover up everything in the palace as well as the external area.




Mum and sis look tired but i forced them to watch the puppet show since we’re already in Saigon.


The Palace is just 3 minutes away from the most famous vietnam water puppet show. Its actually originated from Hanoi. And again, we walked there and booked for the 5pm ticket. And its almost full. Glad we didnt miss that and have to wait for another show at 6.30pm. There are about 14 traditional epic stories within 1 hour time.

And again, we walked back to our hotel and prepared ourself for dinner and late night shopping near Ben Thanh Market. There goes our 1st day in Saigon. Will continue further with the Mekong and Cu Chi Tunnel trip soon!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

6 thoughts on “Good Morning Saigon – Part 1

  1. comelnys org tu baca buku kat tembok, haha wei any interesting photos from the puppet show? pls!!

    huaaa envy u find easy halal food there, masa i pegi bangkok & pattaya baru ni mcm nak gila cos ikut company trip yg semua chinese, suffer!

    we (adlie & saya) akan cuba untuk meng-visit saigon pula nanti, in year 2012 mungkin, haha 😉

    ala entry ni sikit sgt la, update lagi br pegi tempat lain, haha!


  2. zara7696 says:

    Huda – comel ek? konon2 baca eat pray love! love the book and the film. interesting pix? i tak amik rasanya sbb concerntrate tgk. hehehe. Ya, we managed to get ourself a halal food there for every meal. Satisfied! Sure! U should go then! I’ll update soon. As mentioned, Mekong and Cu Chi Tunnel.

    Aleyn – Insya allah one day Kak Leyn


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