Its 365 days!

Salam everyone,

YES! By 11.12.10, we are now officially strings attached to each others by 365 days. Convert it to year and you’ll get the answer. Simple math to start the day guys. Things has been great to me this year around. Eventhough he is not there to celebrate it when the clocks strike 12.00am, but a short messages is enough to make the day to be remember (i’m talking as if my hubby is out of town or thousand miles away from me where the facts is that he is actually in Putrajaya having some exhibition over the weekend, hehehe, my bad! drama queen huh!)

We’re not the perfect couple on earth. In other word, he’s not perfect though and so do i. We are just a normal human being or one of Allah s.w.t creator living in one corner of the earth. But peoples out there always said that, “there it goes, you guys will be a great combination especially on all the vice versa things! Things will get bored if you guys have the same character”. Insyaallah! Only god knows. As usual, we fought and to certain extend, we did not talk for a couple of days arguing on things which is actually the simplest things on earth to be resolved. Sometimes, arguing on the channel to be watched could be an issues but at the end, either one of us will surrendered and find something else to do. We smiled, we laughed, we shared the same beds + quilt + pillow, we ate and drank together, the list goes on! Everything is about sharing!

I hope this will last forever. Ya, forever!

Pix 13


Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

6 thoughts on “Its 365 days!

  1. Zara AB says:

    Fareast & Qimie – Thanks guys! Appreciate it.
    Reactivate – Hahaha, nak jeles aper nya? U pun boleh amik jugak cam tue. That was taken in Krabi. Masa tu our honeymoon there.


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