Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011

Salam everyone,

This is what i went through this year.

  • Had my 2nd reception in Johor with a very traditional way. FIL is the  chef of the day for the big feast. And not to forget 3 huge kompang groups that we have along with us. Awesome! Rasa cam Merdeka Parade.


  • Moved to our (still own by the bank) new crib. Crib? Ermm. Tiny lil shed for us.  That is the most suitable words i guess. Alhamdulillah.


  • Managed to get our feet to 2 countries this year. Ya, asean! Short one.


  • Declined one job offer this year. Insya allah next time.


  • I’ve lost N, my bff middle this year. No more text or phone calls to keep in touch with each others like before. I do understand.  What is life without hip, happening and cool husband and not to forget lil super hero soon kan? Friends will become last in the chart.  Tears fall down while talking about this with the rest of the Charlie’s Angel. Life goes on. Nothing to regret. 


  • Managed to complete another building project up to August 2010 and been transferred to a new project, infra works. A total new experience and new colleagues around.


  • First time celebrating Raya as husband and wife in Kuantan and Kota Tinggi. Not to forget, mum’s new home in Kuantan. Yeay! Finally! No more arguing with the contractors. Penat. 


  • Paid all the summons before i got blacklisted again. Got 2 summons way back in 2006 & 2007 .  Couldnt renew the roadtax for 1 year where they only permit me to renew for 6 months.


  • Celebrated our very 1st anniversary this year on 11.12.2010.


  • Got myself a new gadget as a new year present. The existing one 50% spoilt when i wanted to change the housing. Been using it for the past 3 years. Ya, 3 years+ to be exact. I’m not a tech savvy person lar! Baru nak save year end bonus, kena spend plak. What a life.


* Gambar takder kena mengena dengan entry. Pix taken a few years back while i was at Notting Hill.

Hope 2011 will be great!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

7 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011

  1. hey hey hey happy holiday next week! [ cheesh we badly miss all the public holiday ]. hope u have a great great one this year. [ p/s = buek hate the poyos horatio, haha []


  2. ILI says:

    assalam zara, sorry. i hv lost your contact number since my hp was spoiled last year..

    tibe2 hari ni teringat kt awak..ape cite ye? have read all your new xde terbaca plak status awk adekah sudah menjadi mummy or ummi? hehe

    btw, we just moved to a new rental house since live together under one roof but not in one house..hehe (phm x?)
    we rent at larkin idaman, besides the Larkin Stadium, JB.
    this wkend we will go to damansara. need to attend a wedding at klang – our classmate. our accomodation will be at one avenue hotel, near to one utama..(actually wanna spend time at IKEA..hehe)
    if awk & en.suami hv time on sat nite, mayb we could hv dinner together!!
    my hp no 013-7200073


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