4 Months Have Passed

Salam everyone,

I’m back

After a long silent, I’m finally back. Ya, I admit. My very last entry was posted way back in January, and it’s now May! For god sake! I’ve been trying to adapt to the new project that I’ve been attached currently and things is going smoothly. Alhamdulillah. A lot of things did happen for the past 4 months. This is the recap,


  • I was in Melaka on Federal Territory Day way back in February with hubby. Our mission is to get our feet to the famous makan place there within 2 days and we did! Google really helps us a lot! And till now, I missed all the “kuih” at Perhentian Kuih Kampong”. Not to forget Asam Pedas Hajjah Mona, Asam Pedas near to Menara Taming Sari and others! We love it!
  • Celebrating CNY in KL. I’m supposed to go back to Kuantan for my cousin engagement. Insya allah will be there for the big day. Need to save my annual leave for the coming short trip in June.
  • Join the company treasure hunt! Managed to complete the whole journey with 10th place out of 23 cars.


  • Celebrated Mum’s, Hubby’s and SIL’s birthday! They are the March babies! And it’s back to back. 3, 4 and 5th March. What a coincidence.


  • Sis managed to get us the Lat Kg Boy the Musical tickets for us. Love it! It was awesome and hilarious. But nothing compares to Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) I guess.
  • I’m totally FREE! I finally completed my scholarship bond with current company i’m working right now. And I’m officially free off study loan debt.
  • My external hard disk spoilt! And I kept half of my photos and artwork collection in the hard disk.  There’s nothing to explain. Total lost!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

One thought on “4 Months Have Passed

  1. ILI says:

    Wow!! You have completed a diary. Hehe. How I wish I could go to Lat Kampung Boy teater too. Huhu.
    * kesiannya pasal external hard disk awk tu. Haishh.


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