Diana F+

Salam everyone,

Analog photography! And that is my current biggest obsession right now. Thanks to Lomo Craft (Central Market) on the long explanation and tutorial. Frankly speaking, I didn’t take many photos these days.  So, just to bring myself on tracks again is this Diana F+ given by my beloved hubby. At the meantime, I’m using just a basic Diana F+ with a 120mm film. I think I should buy the accessories to convert it to 35mm soon and to snap more with cheaper version of film.

I was attracted to Lomo since before married but doesn’t have the chance to explore more. Still exploring and experiment with it every single days.


Simply me,                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Zara~AB
The Province of Chroma

5 thoughts on “Diana F+

  1. zara! yeah! i went to europe … hehe :p honeymoon … hey hey … dah ada lomo la member kita ni … nak tengok hasil pleassseeeee 😀


  2. Zara AB says:

    Hey Fareast! Ya, i’m back! Insya allah, will show the outcome soon! Waiting for your Europe travelogue.


  3. oho i bought a lomo cam a couple of years ago. letak mana tah? wahahahhaha…..
    anyway, i dun fancy sgt kot lomo2 ni. tp xpe. if u love it, go for it bebeh!


  4. Zara AB says:

    Ili – Tak tukar, its just existing camera yg tak guna. Haah, Fareast tue gi Europe for his honeymoon.


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