Square Rooms

Salam everyone,

Square Rooms! Enough said, this is the only magazine that I bought almost every months without failed. And this is the outcome on my own square room’s version! If you ever wonder what is SQUARE ROOMS is all about? Its a magazine and google about it!

* It’s a lil bit unfurnished here and there. Ignore the dangling wires if u ever spot it.







Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

10 thoughts on “Square Rooms

  1. Zara AB says:

    Where have u guys been? lama betul tak dengar citer korang! hope everything is good down there! You should get those magazine as well. 😀


  2. Wah…magz square room jugak eh? good one. Magz tu mmg seswai utk apartment and idea utk decor sgt banyak. anyway, gamba dah cantik..slr apa eh? hehehe


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