Solo Trip

Salam everyone,

Started the day at 7.30am in the morning as promised with Mas Sulis. We booked him for 2 days in a row. Basically, solo trip was very straight forward since there nothing much to explore in Solo. It’s a very small town with 1 – 2 hours drive from Yogja town depending on the traffic condition. In overall, this is the recap of our recent Solo Trip:

Yogja – Beteng and Triwindu Market (sell all the antiques and unique goods from all the places) – Walk to Mangkunegaran Kraton (5 – 10 minutes walk from the antique market. Must visit and it’s compulsory to get a local guide when the Sultan’s is around) – Visit another Kraton in Solo (not a good one since it was not well maintained) – Visit Bengawan Solo River (famous with Bengawan Solo Song. Hubby keep singing the first line of the song over and over again) – Late lunch at local Nasi Padang restaurant – Solo Market (to buy local solo Batik) – Back to Yogja town – Stop at Bakpia Pathok No.25 showroom (to buy some of Bakpia to bring back home) – Factory Outlet Store (Omah Mode and Cosmo) – Back to Hotel.


Our most favourite tour guide! And she’s 45. Could u guys imagine the jamu that she had. Oh my. She even have a young teenage son. Amazed! At first i thought that she was early 30’s. She explained every single aspects of the Kraton really well.

Kraton ceiling. Every single colour will bring different meaning like good health, good life and etc. We were there on Saturday and they are having a cultural shows as well. Can you see all the musician, semua oldtimers and they served the Sultan as well.

And finally at Solo Market. Hunting for Batik Solo. As for me, Solo Batik is much more nicer than Yogja. Various range of colours as well. It’s not easy to ask for cheaper price. I was wondering whether the market itself is a wholesale market since everybody is buying in a large amount of stuff.

Not to forget the faces of Solo. They are way too friendly for me. Senyum ajer.


Reached hotel around 7.00pm and we had our dinner at the nearest mall, Malioboro Mal. By the way, I couldn’t eat much in Yogja since the food is quite salty with a lot’s of seasoning.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

4 thoughts on “Solo Trip

  1. Zara AB says:

    Fareast – Yeap! She look younger kan! Selamat Hari Raya to u too! Hope it’s not too late. Ada a few days left je nie. Hehehe.


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