Yogja Trip – Part 2

Salam everyone,

We’ve completed the 3rd days of the trip by touring around Yogja town by becak (beca). We got con on our 1st becak rental. He looks nice but he left us when we completed our visit to Yogja Kraton (5th place on that day) since we paid him the full amount (IDR 20K ~ RM 7.00). At that point of time, what does actually happened is that we don’t have smaller notes and we paid him the full amount. We should have given him 50% from the becak rental prices as agreed by both of us. Waited about 15 minutes at the Sultan’s Car Museum and he didn’t even turn up. We opt for another becak around there. And this is the recap of our 3rd days touring around Yogja town:

Find becak near to Malioboro Street – Batik painting workshop and showroom – Batik attire shop –Taman Sari Water Castle (with secret underground tunnel) – Pasar Burung Ngasem – Yogjakarta Kraton (Sultan’s Palace) – Benteng Vredeburg – Pasar Beringharjo –Back to Malioboro Street – Walk to Tugu Station – Malioboro Mal (late lunch) – Final shopping at Malioboro Street – Back to the hotel around 5.00pm.

Taman Sari Main Entrance

Taman Sari – Pool area for the sultan’s, wife’s and the kids.


Local handicraft at Taman Sari. The wayang kulit was made from cow skin and its actually the Sita and Rama character. Our volunteer tour guide, Mas Supardi keep insisting hubby to buy the wayang kulit and frame it up and put in the living hall for good life!


Taman Sari Underground Tunnel – It’s not easy to get here without any direction from local. Luckily, we took a tour guide just to bring us around since the underground tunnel is actually situated in between houses. Underground tunnel is used to channel the water underneath Taman Sari and there are actually a 2 storey mosque inside it. 1 level for the man and another level for the women.

Candy maker on the way out from Taman Sari Water Castle

At Yogjakarta Kraton (Sultan’s Place) – Local indonesian kids and she’s from Jakarta. Super adorable with local batik dress.

This is how local girls and womans dress up for an event.

Our tour guide. We’re the only couple in an indonesian group of 40 peoples. And our tour guide keep calling us Safee Sali. Safee Sali is super popular there! It’s compulsary to get a tour guide to enter Kraton and these tour guide can actually speak different languange as preferred – German, French, English, Indonesia, etc. Awesome huh?


Benteng Vrederburg – Kubu Belanda.


Again, we almost got con in the Malioboro Mal as well when hubby got confused with the note when paying for dinner. The guy supposed to return us IDR 4K instead of IDR 1K. When we asked him again, he passed the remaining amount where he’s holding the notes in his other hand! Imagine that! It happened 2 – 3 times. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s totally different from other places in Indonesia.

We took our flight back the next day. And not to forget to save another IDR 100K for the airport tax (only for the international passengers). It was so much fun since I really wanted to go to Borobudur and Prambanan. And finally, I’m there! Yogja is such an interesting place.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma


5 thoughts on “Yogja Trip – Part 2

  1. hai there . macam best je trip ni . i need your help . have you been to bandung . my friends and i are planning to go there end of january next year . since this our first time , can you share any info that you know ? about the places that we should visit , the tour guide or etc ? thanks . really appreciate if you could help : )


  2. babe! superb pictures! I pegi jogja ari tuh tak bwk pon camera. Hahaha.. super malas sbb dah tau byk xtvt.

    its a nice place though but i still prefer places with beaches!


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