Day Trip to The Lion City

Salam everyone,

I always wanted to pay a visit to Lion City one of these days. The only things that i remembered so far is a big christmas tree just in front of Takashimaya at Orchard Road. And it was way back during my primary school. Berapa lama daaa. We then decided to go to Singapore during the Eidul Adha holiday. There we go!

Since PIL is in Johor itself, we decided just to take the town bus at Larkin. 2 choices available which is Causeway (Malaysia Town Bus) and SBS Transit (Singapore Town Bus). The only bus available once we were there was SBS. We just hop in where the bus will then headed to Queen Street which cost us RM2.20. Everything was just an ad hoc decision. Just a lil bit of reading and planning were made initially for the 1 day trip. The bus will stop at the Malaysia Immigration (CIQ Building) and later at Singapore Immigration for passport validation purposes.

It took us about 1 hours plus to get to Queen Street from Larkin. Once we passed the Woodlands area, my very first impression on Singapore where it was slightly same to Hong Kong – the environment and the building. We even passed through Dunearn Road where nice houses can be found there. Impressived. No wonder Singapore is offering variety of Interior Design Magazine compared to Malaysia. By the way, not to forget the school design as well. Way condusive! Two thumbs up!

The first place that we got down are in Queen Street Bus Terminal. Without any map in hand, we just headed straight to Northern Bridge Road. Just to try our luck and hubby’s made the 1st decision and we found out Murtabak Zam Zam. We tried the famous beef murtabak and fish beriyani for 14SD. The fish beriyani was awesome but the murtabak was nothing compared to original Murtabak Mengkasar that we normally used to have in Kuantan.

The famous Murtabak Zam Zam. In front of Masjid Sultan.null

Our Fish beriyani and beef murtabak

Masjid Sultan, the landmark.

After our mouthful beriyani, we walked around and headed to Bugis Village, Bugis Junction and Iluma Shopping Centre all in Bugis Street. You can find cheap souveniors here in Bugis Village. After a quick tour around, we then decided to get local transport – the MRT to get to one place and another. As advised by our new friend there at the MRT station, she suggested us to take the 1 day tourist pass which cost us 18SD (8SD for the pass and 10SD as a deposit). The deposit will be return immediately if you refund it within 5 days of pass purchased at selected station. This card is for 1 day unlimited travel but you need to travel a lot to make this pay off.

We headed to our next stop which is Raffles Place since the main modus operandi for this trip is to get the picture of us at Merlion Park. We passed by the Raffles street and the Fullerton Road.





We finally reached Merlion Park!





We actually stop over at Lau Pa Sat Market for a drink. A lil bit suspicious since the food court is selling non halal food and the beverage area is selling beer as well. We then decided to bought from the vending machine. Silly us! We’re just tooo thirsty walking around.

We then headed to Raffles Place MRT to Paya Lebar station. Hubby insist to go to Tanjong Katong Complex since there is where he always go for shopping since he was a lil kid. Nothing left there but just an old shops. Something similar like Campbell and Pertama Complex. However, it was well maintained by the owner. After walking around, i then headed back to Esplanade.


I wrapped up the whole journey in Orchard Road! A lil bit of shopping before we went back home! Super tired but already planned for another trip to USS next year. Insya allah.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma


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