Lil’ Hero – A’fif Rayyan & A’kif Hayyan

Salam everyone,

Our beloved nephew – A’fif Rayyan and A’kif Hayyan. Basically, they’re brothers and a son of my younger SIL. A’fif is way talkative nowadays where he just reached 3 years old and he questioned us with a lot of things which we couldn’t answer indirectly. Tough! Way too tough! And A’kif is a little boy, ermm i mean tough lil’ boy. I hardly heard him crying. We even brought him to a waterfall and he laughed happily like a 3-5 years old boy! A’kif dearie, you are just a few months la sayang. He didnt scared of anything i guess and he adapt to peoples and surrounding easily.

These days, A’fif loves to share things with me. He always make up stories telling me this and that while he was on my lap. Asked me to play around with him and many mores. The first words which always came out from his mouth is shouting and yelling by calling me “Mak Longgggggggggggg!!!”.

I remembered a few funny conversation with him:
Case 1
A’fif : Kenapa ada benda hitam kat mata Pak Long
Hubby : Its “tahi lalat” la A’fif
A’fif : Huh? Tahi lalat? Kenapa plak lalat nak e ek dalam mata Pak Long? Jadi, dia
        kencing jugak la dalam mata Pak Long? Kalau kencing jadi aper?
Hubby : LOL! (Speechless at the same time)

Case 2
It happen when we’re collecting durian at dusun recently in Tangkak.
A’fif : Pak Long, pagi-pagi makan durian ni Pak Long dah gosok gigi ke belum?
Hubby : Dah lar. Mandi je belum.
A’fif : Huh? Belum mandi? Mana boleh makan?
Hubby : Sapa kata tak boleh makan? Baru syok makan durian tak mandi pagi lagik.
A’fif : Mak Long, Pak Long tue dah la tak mandi, kuat makan durian plak tue. Kita
       tinggal je dia sini duk dengan Atok tue.
Me    : La, kenapa plak nak tinggal plak Pak Long kat sini? Sian dia.
A’fif : Ye la, Pak Long slalu cakap kat A’fif kalau A’fif macam2 (naughty), tak
        boleh nie la tue lar. Kita kurung je Pak Long dalam pondok tue.
Me    : LOL! (Dendam jugak budak nie kat Pak Long dia. Sbb Pak Long slalu ugut dia
       kalau degil. Ugut kena tinggal lar aper lar)

Love them soo much!

Presenting A’fif Rayyan,





See how he react in just less than 5 minutes while having breakfast at Village Park Uptwon Damansara!

And this is both of them crashing into my beds early in the morning with a lots of talcum powder in the face.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

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