Homestay Kuala Medang – Part 2

It was our 2nd day in Kuala Medang. Eventually, we only have half day to explore the rest of the place before we depart to Raub. We woke up early in the morning and had our breakfast with our foster family before we left for our outing.

Good Morning Kuala Medang! Rise and shine!

1st destination of the day. A visit to the IKS centre (for small and medium industry) on food processing for ‘Mee Sanggul’ and ‘Sambal Hitam’. We are then welcomed by the whole team and they did a quick demonstration on the products. Oh ya, they even produced and processed Salak fruit as well which is  fruit juices and others too! Again, it all depends on the fruit season. 😀

‘Mee Sanggul’ in the making!




The end products. Voila! They even gave us a packet of ‘Mee Sanggul’ and a bottle of ‘Sambal Hitam’ as a complimentary gift! Nice! We’ve turned it to ‘Fried Mee Sanggul’ yesterday night and it taste good! You could even deep fry for a change and turning it into crackers too.


The happy faces!

We then stopped over at Kuala Medang campsite. Breathtaking view! It reminds us of Taman Negara Jerantut. Nature retreat! As mentioned by the homestay coordinator, the campsite comes with basic facilities such as toilets, multipurpose hall and etc.


Deer Farm! All of us climb into a back portion of a pick up truck. To be exact, 7 of us. It was such a bumpy ride with a view of fruit orchard all the way.




We hate this part the most but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s a wrap! Thank you Makcik Asiah. * Everytime I saw this, it reminds me of Azreenchan doodles. 😀


For more info on Homestay in Kuala Medang
Address :
Homestay Kuala Medang,
Pejabat Penghulu Mukim Ulu Jelai,
Kuala Medang,26750 Kuala Krau,
Kuala Lipis

Website : go2homestay – Kuala Medang


Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma


8 thoughts on “Homestay Kuala Medang – Part 2

  1. mee sanggul so much a like yee mee? or mee sanggul actually is a yee mee? not sure la zara, never try mee sanggul before, sambal hitam also, huhu~…


  2. Orga – ‘Mee Sanggul’ is more like ‘Mee Lidi’. Way far different from ‘Yee Mee’. Sambal Hitam tue local delicacies for Pahang. Sedap. Made from ikan bilis, cili padi and belimbing buluh. You should try!
    RAW – Ya, we love the place too!


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