Bangkok – Part 2 (Samut Songkram – MaeKlong Railway Market)

On the 2nd day of our trip, we rented a van with a driver to cover the outskirts area of Bangkok. We left as early as 7.30am in the morning since there will be a massive traffic here in Bangkok on weekdays. Our first destination is definitely Samut Songkram Province which is about 70 kilometers away from Bangkok to experience the MaeKlong Railway Market. Through out our reading, there’s various of name given to the market which is ‘Rom Hub Market’, ‘Crazy Market’, ‘Folding Umbrella Market’, ‘Close Umbrella Market’ and others, just to name a few.

To get here, you can either took a van or a bus which it can take anything from 1 to 1 1/2 hours during rush hours.  It’s really a unique market where it is located on an active railway track. Oh ya, we arrived exactly at 9.15am and next train arrival will be at 9.30am sharp. Just in time! The train passes  through it 8 times a day. If not mistaken, it’s a 100 meter railway track from Mae Klong to Ban Laem Train Station. We basically knew about the market from the local documentary, Majalah 3 way back in 2010.  We promised our self that we need to get here one fine day.

Shoppers have to walk on the railway track (still using the timber sleepers) where stalls are lining along the track. You can find anything a fresh market can offered which is from fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry products and even frogs. 😀

The market.


Hello Aunt. What’s with the fierce face?




And here come the best part. This what makes it unique. While passing by the stalls in the market, we suddenly heard a sound of a loud horns to warn the vendors. A quick question pop up from our mouth ” Is the train coming?”, the vendors answered “Yes, yes! Come nearer”. He even showed us the baseline so that we could get a rough idea how close are we with the train. We were like, “Huh? This close? For real?”.

The stalls vendor will then quickly fold their awnings or umbrellas and pull the containers and goods close to their stalls. Most of the vendors will used a display containers equipped with wheels in order to slide them out-of-the-way conveniently.

Getting prepared.


It all cleared!

Train coming through. Everybody was so excited at this point of time.



We’re this close! Check out all the vegetables close to the track. 😀

As for us, the train moves slowly while passing through the market. Not at normal speed, i guess. Once it’s gone, the vendors raise their awnings and push back the stalls to the original position. And here we go, business is back to normal. Everything comes as original within 5 minutes.



It was such an experience for that 5 minutes moments. Worth going! Some said that this is one of the most amazing markets in the world. We considered this as MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


We will continue our journey on Part 3 – Ratchaburi (Damneon Saduak Floating Market).

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

7 thoughts on “Bangkok – Part 2 (Samut Songkram – MaeKlong Railway Market)

  1. Dzulichan – Ohh, dalam TV9 pun ada ek? We watched it once on Majalah 3. Thailand is a must visit!
    Ilya – August? Great! Yeap, some of them, i mean those working (you can spot them with office attire on) can speak English. But, languange is not the main problem pun. We end up with hand signs. 😀


  2. Seriously, first time seeing view like this, can’t imagine the train that close, especially the veg under the train, so unique lah Zara. Maybe one day I should be visit it too.


  3. Zara, nak tanya sikitlah. Errmm tempohari awak ke Maeklong ini naik apa ya? Van atau bus? Kalau naik van memang akan stop betul2 di market ini atau pun kena menapak lagi? Insyallah, akan ke sini Dec nanti.


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