Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market

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Klong Hae Floating Market which located in Klong Hae, Hat Yai is definitely not something new among Malaysian. During our recent trip, we managed to catch a short visit to the floating market since we were there on Friday just before we depart to Phuket on the next day.

The floating market is only open on Friday to Sunday from 3.00pm to 9.00pm with 20 to 25 minutes drive from Hat Yai town (depending on the traffic condition).  We managed to get an offer of 300 baht (return trip) with a 2400 cc car from a tour agent at the Tune Hotel Lobby. Pretty deal to us. Initially, we were hanging around at the hotel lobby just to catch others who might interested to go to the floating market and the idea is to pool in the same tuk tuk. Just for one reason, to reduce the cost. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. As mentioned in the web and travel blog, the normal charges of a return tuk tuk trip is approximately from 500 baht to 700 baht which it can accommodate up to 7 pax. Anyone can advise further on this?


We were told that 90% of the food here are HALAL. As we reached the canal, we can actually see the vendors busy preparing the food from fried rice, som tam and others local Thai traditional foods. Construction of new bridge across the canal are still in progress. It will take some times since it’s only in the foundation stage. We regret since we couldn’t manage to photograph the whole view of the ‘sampan’ lining up along the canal. That is definitely the best spot to get an overall view of the floating market.




This is how the transaction were made. The vendors will put the food in a basket and handed it over to the customer.

We observed that most of the vendors will used banana leaves, coconut shells and bamboo as a serving plates and cups. Unique! These are some of the food offered at the floating market. We even tried them out.

Fish cake with Thai sauce.


Klong Hae Floating is not all about foods, but there’s a few stalls selling shirts,  bags, crystal and many others at a very reasonable price.



In overall, it’s a must go place once you’re in Hat Yai. It’s very much different from the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok that we have visited recently.

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5 thoughts on “Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market

  1. Naik hantu rasanya ke sini. Asyik nak beli makanan saje 🙂 Kami kena charge tuk tuk 400baht/4person which means seorang RM10 kan? Bila la kami nak sampai bangkok ni? :p


  2. Emy @ aldyst – Yeap, we wanted to try almost all the food there. Everything looks so tempting to us especially all the finger foods. On the tuk tuk charges, 100 baht (~RM10) per pax should be reasonable rasanya. Bangkok? InsyaAllah, one day! 😀


  3. Tempat nie bes sebab kebanyakkan nya halal. Kalau floating market dekat Bangkok susah skit nk makan kan. Tahun lepas pegi sini memang tamak abis. Semuanya nak makan. Haha.


  4. Suraya – Yeap, basically vendors masak kat atas sampan tu. We wanted to try almost everything there.

    Dan Arif – Betul, average dalam 90% halal. Yeap, the one in Bangkok, memang takde yang halal langsung.


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