Phuket – Part 1 (Beach Hopping)

Assalammualaikum and Hi there!

Phuket! Yes, that was our next destination right after Hat Yai as Phuket is one of the biggest island in Thailand facing the Andaman Sea. Since we’re going to discover the Southern of Thailand, Phuket is definitely in the list. While we were in Hat Yai, we quickly search for a minibus ticket. We walked from one travel agent to another travel agent and we ended up paying for 350 baht for the earliest trip in the morning. That’s the cheapest that we could get at that point of time. The journey took us about 6 hours in overall with one stop. We’re very much satisfied with the condition of the minibus where it is limited to 10 pax only.


Phuket is slightly similar to Penang where the mainland and the island was interconnected and linked via a Sarasin and Srisoonthorn bridge. We decided to drop at the minibus main office instead of Phuket town which is far from Patong beach. From there, we decided to car pool with our new local friend as she headed to the same destination as well. It took us about 30 minutes drive with the fees of 100 baht each. Ya, it sound expensive but trust us, it’s reasonable referring to the traffic condition, distance and time-consuming. Actually, we’re lucky enough to have her with us since she helped and assisted the driver in finding our hotel. She speak fluent English as well!

At this time around, we decided to stay and discover western of Phuket coastline.  To tell the truth, it’s hard to decide on the accommodation in Patong. Too much choices ranging from cheap to expensive hotel rooms. We ended up at The Marq Hotel which is the newest boutique guesthouse in the quiet environment of Phang Muang Sai Kor Rd. at Soi Nanai 8. We got attracted with the hotel exterior and interior and we glad that we’ve made the right decision. Plus, it’s super cheap! Another plus point. We paid average of 400 baht per night for a standard room.

Our room for the next 2 nights

Thai language Class. How cool is that?


As we reached Phuket somewhere around 3pm, we decided just to lay back and stroll down along Patong Beach, Bangla road (where we walked from one end to another end and decided to get out from the area immediately) and night market nearby to complete the day.  We observed that night markets are fully occupied with 80% of local meanwhile all the shops are all occupied majorly by Bangladeshi and Pakistani.

We rent a motorbike with the price of 250 baht per day and negotiated to 350 baht for 1 and 1/2 days just next door from the hotel that we stayed. Renting a motorbike in Phuket is the most cost-effective way to explore the island.


On the next day, this is where our journey of beach hopping started where mostly the best beaches are along the west coast of the island. We wanted to get our early breakfast and got clueless on the direction with such a gloomy weather and drizzling in certain area. We headed up to Kalim Beach passing Patong Beach. From there, we saw a Halal stall selling sticky rice / glutinous rice with fried chicken and decided to pack for us to eat along the way. Simple yet delicious!

We’re ready. Let’s go!

Kalim Beach. It’s quite privacy here since you can find private bungalow with a beautiful sea view which is for daily or monthly rental. The beach itself is a mixture of sand and small rocks.




From there, we decided to go further up to Kamala Beach area.  Due to the geographical of Phuket which is hilly everywhere, it took us quite sometimes riding with a 125cc motorbike just to reach from one beach to another beach. Riding a motorbike in Phuket demand a high extra precaution and careful consideration as well.

On our way to Kamala and Surin Beach.


As we reached Kamala Beach area, we spotted a numbers of halal stall again. Looking at the varieties of food offered, we definitely couldn’t resist. We stop from one stall to another stall and ended up eating at one of the small restaurant. Again language barrier is our big problem while buying all the foods. We’re lucky that one of the buyer explained to us on the price and how does it taste. Rasa macam nak try and grab semua. Oh ya, Kamala is named after the Muslim fishing village which situated in the north of Patong. This is where the most famous themepark, FantaSea Phuket is located too.

Local traditional foods

Taste are similar to ‘Dim Sum’. Yummy!

Enough with all the foods. Let’s continue with the journey up to Surin Beach. Once we reach Surin Beach, we found that it was such a quiet and peaceful place without the absence of jet ski and speed boats on the beach. The beach is quite popular among local especially on the seafood stalls and restaurant.

Us. FF with his pink raincoat. We hate the helmet very much!


A few meters away from the beach is Surin Village, a predominantly muslim area of Phuket which offered delicious Halal food and fresh fruit picked by the roadside. Mosque can be found scattered around the village too. We bet,there are big Muslim community here.


If you go further up, it will bring you to the main road of Phuket Town. As our butt hurt so much spending hours and hours on the motorbike, we decided to turn back and take a short rest as we have another plan late in the afternoon. It’s time to return to Patong Beach!

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

6 thoughts on “Phuket – Part 1 (Beach Hopping)

  1. K.E.R.I – Yeap. Orang Thailand tak pakai helmet. Tapi risau gak kalau police tahan. Tue yg ikut peraturan. Lagipun, risau juga, takut jadi apa-apa. Baik jaga keselamatan dulu. Tapi tension la helmet tue.

    Biqque – Yeap! Very cheap. We only paid RM40+ for a standard room per night. How cheap is that? Clean and comfortable! FF rocks kan? Hehehe. I yang purchased that pink colour raincoat.


  2. after read this entry hati berkobar2 nk pegi phuket pulak..since JM ke sana tahun 2000. kelakar pulak tgk bilik tu ada dekorasi bahasa thai n inggeris


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