Koh Samui – Part 2 (Koh Nangyuan & Koh Tao Day Trip)

As we’re in Koh Samui, we already planned for a day trip to any of the island nearby. A day before, right after dinner, we walked from one end to another end of Chaweng road and talked to the tour agents. As usual, the package started at a very unreasonable price of 2500 baht and it finally draw down to 1300 baht. With a bunch of pamphlet in hands, we read through and we decided to take a tour with Lomlahk as what most of the agent advised and mentioned. They are the most experienced island tour operator in town.

The trip started as early as 8.00am. The tour operator will pick us up from the hotel and proceed directly to the meeting point / pier. Lomlahk is hosting 2 types of tour a day which is Koh Nangyuan & Koh Tao and Anthong National Marine Park. Once arrived at the meeting point, all passengers are required to queue and passing by a few counters which is the confirmation counters on the name and hotel that we stayed, filling up the details (so-called indemnity form and for insurance purposes) and allocation of which boat to board (color ribbon will be used to differentiate passengers for each boats). Light breakfast is also served by the boat operator. They even served fresh bananas too!

The 1st counter


Somewhere around 9.00am, the speed boat will then departs to Koh Nangyuan, a paradise island off the west coast of Koh Tao.

Along the journey, we were given a long explanation by the boat leader on the do’s and don’t while we’re on the beach. Besides, snorkelling equipment are then be distributed before reaching the island. After 1 and 1/2 hours journey, we then arrived at Koh Nangyuan as this is the fastest and the most comfortable way to get there. It will be cheaper to travel by a slow boat but the journey will be extended from 2 up to 2 and 1/2 hours. You will spent more time on the boat than the island.

Almost reaching the Koh Nangyuan pier.


Check out the crystal clear water!

There’s a few basic instruction that need to be followed to enter the island in order to maintain its condition as one of the treasures of Thailand. No plastic or glass bottles are to be taken on the island where people frequently leave them behind at the island. Besides fins and flippers are not usable at the island due to the shallow water around the island. This is to avoid of coral breaking due to unfortunate accident. Oh ya, visitors to Koh Nangyuan island are required to pay 100 baht fee (this is included in the package as well).

The jetty. You can see the check in counter. An island representatives will do an immediate inspection through our bag to check whether there’s any plastic or glass bottles.


A school of small fish at the jetty.

Finally, the long stripe of smooth white sand that can be explored on foot.

We totally skipped getting wet at the beach as we headed directly to the view-point. As mentioned by our funny boat leader Bob (derived from Bob Marley as he love the reggae icon so much), we will get to see a fantastic view overlooking the island. Only both of us from the group decided to climb up.

View to the viewing point

The walkway


The pit stop. Forever young? Tak tahan!

The climbing up starts here. It took us less than 30 minutes from the island restaurant to the view-point. Don’t worries if you’re only wearing you flip-flop on.

And this is want we got! Worth climbing up!


After appreciating the nice view, we walked down as we can’t wait to get to the beach.


Oh ya, lunch is provided at the Nangyuan restaurant. We only opt for the white rice, mixed vege and lots of fruits (just to play safe).

The outdoor dining area. Panas kot! We opt for the indoor.

We then continue swimming and snorkeling at the Japanese Garden. It is located at the east side of Koh Nangyuan. It’s good for snorkelers as it is shallow and a designated snorkeling area where boats cannot enter. It is popular both among scuba divers and snorkelers. It’s also often used as a training dives spot. We spend the whole time there before we departed to Koh Tao.


The Japanese Garden. Amazing huh?

At 2.00pm, it’s time to leave Koh Nangyuan and move forward to Koh Tao for another snorkeling spot.

It’s time to say goodbye!

After 15 minutes boat ride, we then reached one of the Koh Tao bays to enjoy and experience the beauty of the Thailand underwater world. We will stopped there for another 1 hour for snorkeling. Some of the passengers just opt to lay back in the boat instead of going down. The snorkeling spot in Malaysia is way better than Thailand. It’s just our personal view. Oh ya, Koh Tao is also known as Turtle Island and surrounded by deeper sea bed compared to Koh Nangyuan.

Snorkelling spot at Koh Tao


It’s time to go back to Koh Samui meeting point / pier. We actually wanted to explore more especially the Anthong National Park. If you have some ample times and extra budget, do visit those park as well.

In overall, it was such an experience especially going up to the view-point at Koh Nangyuan. Not to forget, the magnificent Japanese Garden too!

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

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  1. lifeoutofthebox – Thanks! Appreciate it.

    Biqque – Alhamdullillah, Koh Samui is treating us well! All the information in your blog on your previous trip in Koh Samui do help us too! Thanks anyway.


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