Langkawi – Part 1 (Malindo Air, Laksa Ikan Sekoq, Langkawi Cable Car, Telaga Tujuh, Telaga Harbour Park)

It’s Langkawi! Yes, we were there for a 3 days 2 nights short trip to the island. It’s been quite sometimes since our last visit to the historical island for both of us. I would say, it’s been 17 years back for me and 4 years for FF. Thanks to R.A.W as he did mentioned about the Malindo Air Malaysia Day Promotion via his twitter account. Without further hesitation, we immediately made a purchased with a price of RM78 per pax for a return ticket to Langkawi. What a deal! We feel so excited for this trip.

This is definitely our first time flying with Malindo Air since they are fully operating way back in March 2013 with such a good review and an extra features compared to the other low-cost airlines in Malaysia. Let see what they really offers?



The 32″ seat pitches for the economy class is way comfortable for us. It’s even more comfortable when we had the extra seat next to us.


Malindo Air provides a personal TV (in-flight entertainment system) in every seat plus a light snacks throughout the journey. We managed to catch one of the GLEE episodes that we missed! Earphone is not provided but you can actually purchased it in the airlines. It is advisable to bring your own personal earphone along. Besides, every economy class ticket comes with 20kg free baggage.



Finally, the Jewel of Kedah.

Langkawi is part of an archipelago made up of 99 islands and is one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations. I oasts some of the regions best natural attractions, earning it a UNESCO Global Geopark status in 2007. Plus, it’s a duty-free island.

Source: Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism


Once landed, our main focus here is to rent a car at the airport. It would be easier for us to return it back on our last day. It’s very recommended to rent a car in Langkawi as most of the tourist attraction is quite a distance from one another and due to the lack public transport around. We managed to rent a manual transmission Proton Wira Aeroback with the price of RM55 per day and RM50 as a deposit. The cost is all depends on the model, condition and length of stay. Again, the choice is all yours.


As we’re already at the Langkawi Airport and it’s almost lunch time, we decided to check out Laksa Power at Pantai Airport. It’s just not our luck as we couldn’t spot any of the Laksa Power lorry around. Maybe, we’re just too early for it. We ended up at one of stalls selling laksa too which is ‘Laksa Kaw Ikan Sekoq’. We just got attracted to the main signature dish. How does it look like and taste wise? We got a full plate of laksa for each of us and a fresh coconut drinks too. Verdict? It’s just a plain laksa utara with ‘ikan sekoq’ on the plate. Nothing impressed us much. To save it all, this is a place if you love to dine by the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze. Not to forget, it’s one of the best location to witness airplanes flying off and landing too.


With a full stomach on, we then headed to the Langkawi Cable Car at Jalan Telaga Tujuh (close to Pantai Kok and Telaga Tujuh). A friend of us called and we told her where we are heading to. Unfortunately, she told us that there’s a heavy rains the whole morning somewhere near to that location. In facts, it’s still drizzling at that point of time. We are worried since it doesn’t operate and run in bad weather. Alhamdulillah, the rain stop when we reached there. We paid RM15 per pax for an adult ticket (with MyKad). The journey to the top of the mountain will usually takes about 15 minutes which exclude the queuing time. It will starts from the base station located at the foothill of Gunung Mat Chinchang and from here we will be taken up via the cable car system.




Unfortunately, we couldn’t experience the amazing view from the top station as it was cloudy up there. We could not see the whole view of Langkawi and Southern of Thailand too.

The viewing platform. Check out how cloudy it is.



But then, we were amazed as we are able to observe the unique flora and fauna plus the geological formation of the mountain at a close range which was formed 450 million years ago. A unique experience that shall not be missed if you are in Langkawi.



As we don’t have any fix itineraries with us and very much depending on the Langkawi map taken from the airport, we managed to spot another tourist attraction nearby with less than 10 minutes drive which is Telaga Tujuh. As it will take sometimes (more than 300+ steps) to the 7 wells, we decided to re route and headed to the waterfall. We made an assumption that it will only takes us less than 15 minutes to reach there and the route will be more easier for us.

This waterfall is named after the seven natural pools along its path. Legend has it that fairies used to come down to the pools to bathe and frolic. There are 2 viewing areas at Telaga Tujuh. The lower area is at the base of the waterfall and the higher area is where the 7 pools are.

Source: Wikitravel


The beautiful waterfall and with such a clear water. There’s a few visitors bathing and having fun there. It’s clean too!



As we were too tired and thirsty, FF came up with an idea to stop over for some tea break at Telaga Harbour Park on our way back to the hotel at Pantai Cenang. It’s actually a home based to yachts with various facilities and attraction around which is Petronas Quay, Perdana Quay, Custom & Immigration Office and others too.




We then splurged ourselves at The Loaf with such an amazing view of the harbour and the yachts having al fresco tea break outside.





We considered this as a wrap for our first day in Langkawi.

We will continue our journey on Part 2 – Island Hopping, Dataran Lang and Laman Padi.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

12 thoughts on “Langkawi – Part 1 (Malindo Air, Laksa Ikan Sekoq, Langkawi Cable Car, Telaga Tujuh, Telaga Harbour Park)

  1. I’m waiting for this! Hehe, lama x leave comment sebab ada problem login ape bende tah. Kereta you book siap-siap or walk in je?
    InsyaAllah pergi this weekend, tapi I baru book guesthouse je, yang lain semua x prepare pun.


  2. Naik Malindo dr Subang eh? Best2 ada in-flight entertainment. Hehe. =) Since FF ckp nk gi Langkawi, I naik excited dah nk baca cerita. Hehehe.


  3. I’ve heard lots of +ve feedbacks about Malindo Air. That 20kg free baggage allowance is considered good enough since low cost airlines yg lain tu, semua benda pun nak kene bayar kan. I think I have to try Malindo Air jugak someday. Hehe!


  4. Rambleandwander – We actually did more on the 1st day. Gonna share in the our next post. Insya Allah. Maybe it’s time for you to explore Langkawi then.

    Jarimanis – They are using Boeing 737 flying from KLIA. You should try it too!

    Dzuliza – Walk in. We did not book any of the car earlier. From the arrival hall, just walk straight to the parking lots and you can find all the agent there. Again, it’s your choice!


  5. Khai – Yeap, memang best. Berbaloi!

    Chawanna – We did tried the Laksa Ikan Sekoq, but not Laksa Power.

    Suraya – True! 20kg free baggage allowance is definitely one of the best that they offered. But, it all depends on the promotion. It seems that, on normal basis, their tickets considered expensive compared to AA.


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