Royal Belum – Day 2 (Back to Nature)

Note: Before we continue with the post, million apologize for the delay. It took us almost a month to get back on track as our most trusted companion (read: desktop) are not in a good shape. We had to make a few visit forth and back to the clinic too. Alhamdulillah, everything goes back to normal. Thanks to the technician as we couldn’t resolve it on our own.

Rubbing our eyes when we first waking up in the morning, we then realized that we’re on our 2nd days in Royal Belum. Alhamdlillah, we’re still in Belum. Still. Feeling so fresh with the cool morning dew and also the smell of pure and clean. This is what we called a ‘Smell of Nature’. It’s definitely one of the reason why we love to be in the forest. While the sun are yet to make his appearance of the day, we catch the time by walking around, explored every single corner of the base camp and appreciating the whole panorama view of this untouched forest from the deck.


A very good morning Lil Aqilah


An interview video shoot by Belum Outdoor Adventure (BOA) crew members with Time Travel Afif. We just have to say this. He’s just too good in front of the camera. Really. Everything came out naturally.


It’s basically a free and easy session for the whole entourage in the early morning. While the rest decided to spend their time by getting the refreshing dip in the water, we spent most of our times at the view deck. For both of us, it’s definitely one of the best spot ever at the base camp and a quiet moment for us. Suddenly, we feel so connected with the nature. We could spent hours there doing nothing but appreciating the Almighty God creation.



After filling up our empty space in our stomachs, we then opt for a boat ride to the surrounding area. We eventually missed out the first trip as it’s already full house. So, second trip it is! We were told by the boat crew that we’re actually heading to Sungai Kooi. These are a few attraction in Royal Belum beside Sungai Kejar, Sungai Papan, Sungai Ruok and Sungai Tiang. We spent most of our time on the boat and we only spent around 10 minutes at the jetty of Sungai Kooi as we were told that it’s too many leeches around. We doesn’t want to take risk to explore around as we have someone with ‘Bdellophobia’ in the house. What is Bdellophobia? It’s an abnormal anxiety, or extreme fear of leeches.

The Banding Bandits


Hello Mr.Leech!

We were given a sign that we need to return to our boathouse as it will depart to Sungai Ruok Waterfall and Fish Sanctuaries. We observed that the crew members are there to run the trip within schedule. On our way to the destination, we were given a brief and short ‘FREE’ photography tutorial by the BOA Resident Photographer, Hilmi Yusof. His artworks are amazing.


We have reached the destination when we could see a few other boathouse docking within the area. We are then transferred to Sungai Ruok via small boats which took us less than 10 minutes and this will be our last stop for the day. We were also informed that this is where the waterfall and freshwater fish sanctuaries are located. No fishing activities are allowed within the area and one of the species that can be easily found here are Kelah. It has 3 tiers of waterfall where we spent most of our time at the 2nd tiers. Just be reminded that a short trekking of 15 minutes are required to reach the area.



The trek

The standing stone within the 2nd tiers area

Sungai Ruok 2nd tiers waterfall. It’s a dry season and the water would not be crystal clear. But the water are cold and there’s a lots of fish in the pool which love to nibble your feet. You can get a fish spa here for free.

We spent about an hour there. It’s enough to keep us shivering in the cold water. We returned to our boathouse where it’s already lunch time. It came to our surprised to see that the boat operator cooked ‘Gulai Lemak Ikan Toman’ which was caught the night before. It’s our first time trying out the fish and it was so good!


We then left the place and headed to the main jetty where it all started. We were too tired at that point of time but we wanted to stay around just to see the view for the very last time. We were not sure when will be our next trip here. We definitely can’t promise that.

Friends at the tip of the boat

The breathtaking view


We finally reached the main jetty around 2.30pm. We then leave the jetty with a heavy heart. In overall, we really had a good times here with the rest of the travel blogger. This is definitely another option for a short getaway from the city offered by Belum Outdoor Adventure (BOA). Without hesitation, we definitely recommended this and will come back soon. InsyaAllah.



Our compliments goes to TravelholicAwesome – Chawan & NaLilyRianiJanggel @ RenByyaMasMZShahruleKak Anash @ Coco NutzMrs PapiIcam for organizing & inviting us and not to forget the rest of our Travel Friends – Hang DhaminPae and Time Travel Afif

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

6 thoughts on “Royal Belum – Day 2 (Back to Nature)

  1. Entry ini betul2 mengingatkan saya pergi ke Royal Belum sminggu sblum puasa. Such an awesome place! Sejuk. Aman je rasa. Paling best x de line. Memang terasa aman gler ar. Sungai Ruok, Sungai Tiang, Kem Papan. Royal Belum memang terbaik 😀 Eh nampak Bro Aliff joint sekali 😀


  2. Jom JM kita ke sana pulak. Macam best jer. Takde line phone tu agak merisaukan, mana tahu ada kes kecemasan, macam mana saudara mara nak contact.


  3. Jari Manis – Betul la tue, rasanya ramai yang dah ke sana. You might one to try one day?

    Pak Mie – Pergi, jangan tak pergi Pak Mie. Rugi! Tapi tue lar, memang takder line kat sana. Itu je la setback nya. Sebab jauh ke dalam hutan kan.


  4. Memang mempesonakan dan penuh dengan keunikan Taman Negeri Royal Belum ni. Aku dah 2 kali kesana tapi tak pernah puas untuk datang semula. You gi ngan Team Brader Sham BOA ek. Memang best gi drg dorang2 ni. Aku masa 1st trip last year dgn dorang ni ler.:D


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