Autumn in South Korea – Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong

Bukchon Hanok Village is a local traditional village located in between the two famous palaces of the Joseon Dynasty which is Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung. Instead of walking all the way up to Bukchon Hanok Village, we decided to take the subway line and stop over at Anguk Station. Yes! We need to save our energy since we gonna do a lots of walking today. This village is a home to countless numbers of traditional ‘Hanok’ originated during the Joseon Dynasty. Nowadays, some were used and transformed as a traditional centres, tea houses, restaurants and etc. Do bear in mind that this is basically a residential area. The least that we could do is to keep our noise levels at the minimum as possible. Do show some respect and to keep the privacy of the residents too.

Before you start your route, it’s best to get some rough idea of the hot spot area of Buckhon Hanok Village. This is because the alleys around here is like a maze. We jump into the nearest tourist information centre and seek for some advise on the best route if we wanted to cover all the area of Bukchon and to end at the street heading to Insadong. We were told that there are basically 8 Photo Spot or known as 8 Bukchon Views. But, no worries guys! The volunteer guide can be found at most of the area. You won’t get lost here. Trust us! 😀


Let’s hit the road guys!

The first few ‘Hanok’ that we saw.


While roaming around the area, we would say that, this whole village is really unique! As for both of us, we really impressed with the traditional architectural especially the major usage of the hardwood for most of the structure – the main entrance, the window louvres, columns, beams, and many others! Gosh, we sounds like an Architect here! Hahaha. But still, it’s Amazing!

Bukchon 5th Spot – Gahoe Dong Alley (Harmony)





This is definitely one of the best spot here in Bukchon Hanok Village with the background of Seoul Town. You can even see Namsan Tower from here too! – Bukchon 6th Spot

Check out the crowds that roaming around the neighbourhood

Instead of going down to the same route that we’re using, we opt to for another street as shown in the map. You know, we just love to get lost in a new city. No harm trying right? It came to our surprise that we found more than what we want! The street we’re heading to brought us to a beautiful view of Mount Bugaksan. Oh my! We even experienced the top view of Buckhon area overlooking hundreds of Korea’s traditional roof. Beautiful weather, the yellow and orange leaves, spectacular view – everything was just perfect!




At the end of the street, we even came to a long stretch of shops and stalls selling all kind of stuffs – hand crafts, vintage, top to toe kind of things, convenience store, just name it! Of all the things that we could find here, the only things that we bought was tonne of colourful socks. Ya, we can be silly at times. They are too cute and cheap too! Dirt cheap! LOL! I keep asking FF stupid question over and over again that how on earth they could sell that kind of cheap socks?






We’re totally done with Bukchon Hanok Village. With just 10 to 15 minutes walking, we finally reach Insadong area. Insadong is basically a home to aristocrat and public officials who are working for the king. Right after the end of Joseon Dynasty,  in order to sell off the possession belongs to the aristocrats, antique shops were opened. Soon, more art gallery are finally opened to exhibit and sell their artworks. And today, the area is a street of art and culture where local and international tourists come to browse and buy.



There are three things that shall not be missed while you’re here in Insadong. First, Ssamziegil where it’s a design gallery that exhibits and sells artworks by local artist. In short, it’s an ART MALL! It’s also become a favourite place for photographers. Too much things to be photographed here!






Second will be the one and only Starbucks in Insadong. What makes it unique among all others in the world is where you can find Hangul alphabet instead of the common Roman alphabet. This is because it was found that the Western signage of this worldwide coffee shop was incompatible with the ambience of a traditional area. Hence, it’s best to add some Korean touch to the exterior. That’s work! It’s time for a cup of Latte and Hot Choc for us too!




Last but not least, the street of Insadong itself. You’ll find and learn a lots of things here. The local food, local culture, arts and even the people too. Go explore!



A turkish ice cream in Korea?


The volunteer guide that can be found everywhere within tourist spot.

We will continue our journey on Nami Island.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

8 thoughts on “Autumn in South Korea – Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong

  1. I rasa sebab you bukan kpoppers/peminat drama korea, maka takde statement “ni la rumah lee min ho dalam drama personal taste” dekat Hanok Village tu. Hahaha.

    Hopefully nanti you buat entry khas pasal halal food at korea (makan je yg I ingat kan :-D)


  2. Dzulichan – Yeap! Totally! Macam pernah dengar nama Lee Min Ho tue. Tgh google image nie. Hehehe. InshaAllah, we definitely gonna do a review of all the Halal Food / Eatery in Seoul. Walaupun we post entry agak lambat, just stay tune with us!


  3. Rindu! The other day, I brought my family here. And as usual memang xpernah nak cari photo spots tu. Nextime perhaps. My aunty siap perli, jalan keluar masuk lorong rumah orang as if tu my neighborhood. Woot! And yes, Ssamziegil unik kan. Even the shops pun artsy partsy.


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