Autumn in South Korea – N Seoul Tower

Right after our trip to Nami Island, we rushed back to Seoul town as we wanted to go to N Seoul Tower or formerly known as Namsan Tower. This is basically a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in Central of Seoul. Since it is located in the city centre, it offers a panoramic view of Seoul and the surrounding areas too. Amazing! Just amazing! It’s best if you could also experience the whole view during day and night. In order to do this, the strategy is simple – be there right before the sun set. Check the sun set time locally too to avoid frustration and disappointment. When we were there, the sun set at 5.40pm.

Talking about on how to get to the tower, there are basically a few options that can be considered. First, you might want to get there by using the cable car which cost around KRW 6,000 per pax for a one way trip or KRW 8,000 per pax for a return trip. Yes, we know! It’s a lil’ bit expensive and the waiting time can be long especially during the public holiday. Therefore, we definitely opt for the next option where we should get to the tower by Namsan Shuttle Bus with the average price of KRW 850 using a T-Money. It’s super duper cheap! There are 3 shuttle bus to Namsan Mountain which is No. 02, 03 and 05. Each bus serves different route with the interval of 15 – 20 minutes from 7.00am till midnight.

It takes only 5 minutes to reach the top of Namsan Mountain.



The first view that we saw – Seoul City Centre

Instead of throwing it away, putting it into shape is such a cool idea! Unique!


Flowering Kale. Again and again.

Before we went up to the observatory tower, we headed to the roof terrace area where thousands of love locks are located. It’s an expansive outdoor observatory area and it became a popular spots especially for couples and even families due to the filming of Korea’s TV show and drama. And this love locks can be found extensively in different locations worldwide too. We did not spent much time here as we’re rushing to the observatory tower deck to catch the sunset of the day.






We paid KRW 8,000 per pax for the observatory tower ticket entrance and went straight to the Digital Observatory located at 3rd Floor. There are 2 observatory elevator and neither offers an outside views. You can actually spot a TV monitor right on top of your head showing the location and the height of the elevator while it’s moving. The digital observatory offers an astonishing 360 degree panorama of the Seoul City. We waited right until the sun set.




Before the sunset


Sunset view from the deck



The long-awaited night view from the deck

And another interesting area of this tower is definitely the Sky Restroom located at the 2nd Floor. This is where you can find one of the highest restroom in Seoul from an altitude of 350 meters. And it came to our surprise that this intimate space offers such magnificent view. We didn’t expect that this is how the restroom looks like. Hence, don’t be surprised if you tend to see people’s taking pictures in the restroom. In overall, the whole space looks like an art gallery as attention were given to every details of it which includes the wash basin, wall, floor and etc.



With such satisfaction, we decided to wrap this tiring day by going back straight to our crib for some delicious meal and a good night sleep. In a cold night, we waited for our bus and we are lucky that the 1st bus that came was the one which will pass through Itaewon area. Phewww! Alhamdullilah. At this point of time, we just couldn’t bare any more steps at the subway station neither walking. It’s a big NO for us!


In overall, N Seoul Tower is definitely a must place to go if you’re in Seoul! Not to be missed! Definitely!

We will continue our journey on Seoul Central Mosque and Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

6 thoughts on “Autumn in South Korea – N Seoul Tower

  1. Highest restroom in Seoul? Yes! 2 kali JM ke Namsan Tower tu, tak pernah lagi naik ke DECK utk lihat sunset apatah lagi masuk sky restroom. Eeeee. Tak rasa nk terkucil di tempat paling tinggi tu. Hehehe.


  2. Jari Manis – Yeap, that was what we have noted. Tapi, toilet tue memang sangat impressive. Something unique for us. Eventually, FF’s was the one yang discovered the whole things as he wanted to go to the Gents on our way out.


  3. Ini pun lokasi wajib jugak kalau pergi korea 1st time kan? Kalau peminat K-Drama, “Oh sinilah lokasi drama Boys Over Flower bla..bla..bla” (Nampak sangat I bekas peminat k drama hehe).

    I tengok love locks yg berlambak tu boleh betapa cheesynya couple yg dating kt sini. Hahaha. Eh, ke you pun ada letak jugak? *lariiii*


  4. Subhanallah! I am sucker for sunset/sunrise! Lawa bulat matahari jingga tu kan. I never missed going up to N-Tower (except last autumn). But never once have I experienced going up to the observatory. Kena naik lepas ni, that restroom definitely a ‘catch’ lah kan. Thanks for sharing!!


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