Mingalabar Bagan – 19 Hour Overnight Train Ride

Before we went to Myanmar, we have decided that we should have try every single mode of transportation here including the overnight train. Hence, after a long winded discussion and research with FF, plus considering the route we are taking, we ended up securing a ticket from Yangon to Bagan. An upper class sleeper to Bagan cost us 16,500 Kyat (equivalent to USD 17) and usually, there’s only one sleeping car per train. Therefore, pre booking is definitely the best option. You can get local travel agency to buy your tickets on behalf with some nominal fees and have them delivered to anywhere that you preferred (hotel, airport and etc). In our case, we’ve been charged at USD22 per pax and delivered it all the way at the airport, on the day of our arrival. They usually ask a copy of your passport before hand for the ticket purchase purposes. A very reliable information of Myanmar train can be refer here at Seat 61. Every single information are very well captured and written.

We finally board the train at 3.30pm and it’s start moving at 4pm sharp. Oh ya, and this is where the adventure begin! The Yangon – Bagan has the standard sleeper with conventional side corridor and 4 berths. FF’s stayed in the lower berth and I was in the upper berth. No air-condition provided except ceiling fan and wide windows open for ventilation purposes! We were sharing with 2 other travellers from Ireland.



Till next time! See you again!

The corridor of our sleeper coach.


The typical shot of train ride with a wide window open. 😀


The other side of Yangon Town

We then decided to get some rest before capturing the sunset of the day. If you asked us, we were bouncing in every single direction even though the train was moving at a very very slow phase! We don’t even want to mention about the sway! At that point of time, there is no sign that we could get some comfortable rest or sleep. It come to an extend that we and the other coach mates were laughing out loud everytime we were experiencing big and such an ‘insane’ bumps! We were flying in the air without wings! Hahaha.


Before we forget, a pillow, bedsheet and light blanket are provided in the sleeper train and it gets very cold at night. Hence, make sure that you have socks and a fleece with you throughout the night! In addition, we were also been given a face towel and a soap bar for FREE! If you want to know about the toilet, it doesn’t worth mentioning here. Just put it this way – still ‘acceptable’ to us.


Finally, the beautiful sunset of the day


Later that night, we put on our earphone and iPod on (just to avoid the constant sounds of metal and loud bangs) while reading till we fall asleep. It came to our surprise that we slept comfortably despite of the horror bumpy ride and wide awake the day after for the morning prayers. We finally survived the night!

Good Morning Mate!


Sunrise of the day

We already approaching almost 14 hours on the train but there’s no sign of Bagan to us. However, we then passed by a few villages where you can see how they actually live in a countryside. It’s really an experience seeing the ‘window’ of Myanmar from the train. It was like watching a whole movie where you tend to see kids laughing, shouting and running alongside the train tracks, people working at the farm, woman washing clothes by the river, monks and many others from dusk to dawn.





And also this beautiful landscape of Myanmar! It was soo mesmerizing!



The morning look of FF!

Just to kill the time, we walked from one coach to another coach just to see how does the ordinary class looks like. It only comes with a basic wooden seats and we can imagined we’re seating there for the rest of the day! Phewwww! This is definitely the cheapest seats offered with the price of 4500 Kyat. And we just realized how lucky and comfortable we are in the sleeper coach compared to others.



The train now stops at every of the station. We could see local passengers on board buying foods and drinks through the open window and some of them seen to be unloading the big bulk package and baggage from the coach.



Still on the track

Less people in the coach heading to Bagan

Sharp at 11.15am, the train attendant came over and told us that we will reach the next station in 10 minutes and that will be the final stop. After 19 hours and 30 minutes ride, we finally reached Bagan! That was it! We were finally out of the train and the next things that we had our on our mind was hot shower and a bowl of instant noodles.

Our coachmates


Hello Bagan!

Looking back, it was really memorable with it’s incredible scenery and astonishingly beautiful sunrise and sunset. If you ask us, the overnight train ride is a highly recommended as you could experience over the old British-built colonial railway. This is what we called a LOVE HATE experience! 😀

We will continue our journey on Bagan – The Enchanted Kingdom.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
ZaraAB Travel #zaraabtravel
Husband & Wife All Around the Globe

10 thoughts on “Mingalabar Bagan – 19 Hour Overnight Train Ride

  1. Ok nak gerun bila baca 19 hours tu. Dah macam dari Msia to States. Tapi kalau view macam tu punya lawa, and for the sake of a new experience…worth to try kot.


  2. Myanmar ni kene keluar ke Bagan dan Inya lake baru nampak lawa dan cantik kan. Kalo dok Yangon je serabut rasa. Tak puas explore Myanmar, tapi kalau nk repeat lagi, macam taaakkkk je! Hohohoho.


  3. adzillah79 says:

    Zara, boleh tahu tak tahap kesesakan jalan antara airport ke train station? Flight saya akan touch down Yangon sekitar jam 2.50pm, agak2 sempat ke nak kejar train tu? Tiket dah buat bayaran dah ne. Huhuhu.


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