Mingalabar Inle Lake – Seagulls In Flight and Intha Fisherman of Inle Lake

As promised, we woke up early in the morning for the long-awaited Inle Lake sightseeing tour. We managed to secure a boat ride the day before with our hotel for the price of 15,000 Kyat (USD15) which covered a half day tour. Various packages been offered by the boat operator (which includes the floating market, Indein Ruins, the south of Inle lake and etc) and we can actually tailor-made our trip based on our preferences. We were told that it’s best to start our journey at 7.00am as for the morning ride. We got hooked with the statement by the receptionist! So that is it!

Morning breakfast!


We witnessed this morning alms giving session right in front of the hotel while waiting for our boat operator where young Buddhist Monks walked through in the procession of collecting alms. A guy told us that the food that they collected is what they survive on and what’s all distributed in the monastery. It was such a quiet moment and we watched it from a distance.




When our boat operator arrived, we then walked to the jetty located nearby in such a cold weather with an average of 7 – 8’c. We were shivering that morning as we’re not even prepared for it. We just had a light rain jacket with us. We were lucky that a fleece blanket was provided for us throughout the journey. Phew! Alhamdulillah. At least, we got something to cover up our body.

Me and our boat operator. We only used hand signals with him all the time as he couldn’t understand even a single English words. But he’s the best. He’s kind of alert person where he stopped every time he saw us taking photographs and holding on to our camera.



I took the same shot of this using my smart phone and I uploaded it via my Instagram account for this Mizuno Wave Running Shoes photo competition. And guess what, I won the Mizuno Wave 18 Limited Edition. Never thought of getting a RM600 running shoes! Alhamdulillah.


And here we go! Let’s enjoy the scene!







We were then welcomed by a flock of seagulls. We were lucky to be in Inle Lake during the birds migration. This gonna be another worthwhile experience for us where birds migration normally last from December to January and we really had so much fun watching all the birds flew right over our heads.









We then reached one part of the lake where we spotted the famous leg rowers, Intha Fishermen which used local method of fishing where the used their legs to paddle the boat and a cone-shaped nets to catch fish. This unique leg-rowing fishermen stands up on the boats to give them a bird’s-eye view of the fish in a very shallow waters. It became more dramatic when we witnessed every single action when the sun started to rise. And this is where the most iconic Inle Lake photos been photographed. We were even expecting to see if there’s any fishermen to fall in but that will never happen, I guess!






FF’s still shivering in the cold weather.

At the same time, we saw locals busy collecting piles of weeds from the bed of Inle Lake to be used as a fertilizer for their floating farms.


We will continue our journey on Inle Lake Discovery – Floating Garden, Floating Village and Local Products Workshop (Blacksmith, Lotus Weaving. Boat and Cigar / Cheroot Making)

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
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8 thoughts on “Mingalabar Inle Lake – Seagulls In Flight and Intha Fisherman of Inle Lake

  1. adzillah79 says:

    Banyaklah pula fisherman tu Zara. Kami haritu, cuma sorang tu jelah. 2nd day lagilah, sorang pun takde. Huhuhu.


  2. Zilla – Haah. Banyak je masa hari tue. Kebetulan kot. As advised by our Hotel Receptionist, the best time to go is as early as 7.00am. Bile kami sampai di tengah tasik, memang ada ramai Intha Fisherman di sana masa tue. Tapi gambar Zilla semuanya cantik cantik belaka.


  3. ::: As Salam Zara AB..

    Wahhh ur life skrg mmg gempak ler. All around the world. Tgk kat bhgn categories tu, berdarah hidung saya tau. Hehehe. Jeless. Cantikkknyer gambar. Likes gambar kat Inle lake tu. Cantik tul. Rumah di tepi2 tuh and the birds too. Dlm masa yg sama takutnye tgk air tuh especially yg kat2 last tu yg tgh bawa baja. Tenang sgt airnye. Suspen. Anyway Zara, your life is soo fabs, wish you continuously fabs, always, stay happy n positive. My skema wish, keep on shooting Zara!

    Selamat Berpuasa 🙂


  4. Wsalam Zul,

    Lama tak dengar khabar berita. Rakan rakan blogger yang lama ni. Hope you are doing well there! Alhamdullillah masih diberi kesempatan untuk melihat semua kebesaran dan keindahan ciptaan Allah SWT. Buat kita lebih bersyukur dengan nikmat yang diberikan.

    Btw, Selamat Hari Raya to you too!


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