Mingalabar Inle Lake – Local Product Workshop, Long Neck Tribal, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and Cat Monestry


To be frank, we actually skipped a few others workshop offered by our boatman such as the silversmith workshop and many others. Again, no harm telling them if you’re not interested and to proceed with the next pit stop. This handmade umbrella workshop detour came just in coincidence as we’re too eager to meet up with the Long Neck Tribal Women from the Padaung Tribe. This handmade umbrella were made from bamboo (as for the handle) as well as mulberry tree. Everything were make to perfection.DSCN5664-2DSCN1012-2DSCN5665-2


The moment of truth! Just next to the umbrella workshop, you’ll get to see this long neck women from the Padaung Tribe of Ywama Village, Inle Lake. At that point of time, we saw a two old ladies with an average age of 50 years old together who are busy weaving some traditional fabric with their 2 daughters. Both the old ladies are way too friendly even though they can’t really speak fluently English. The 1st brass of coils are applied as early as 5 years old and as they grows older, longer coils are then added. The weight of the brass will pressed down their collar bone which then gives them an appearance of long neck.

The Padaung ladies considered that the longer neck they have, the more beautiful and elegant they are. An adult may have up to 35 numbers of brass coils on their neck. Just imagine!DSCN5659-2DSCN5661-2DSCN5663-2PHAUNG DAW OO PAGODA

Next was Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. One of the many pagoda located on Inle Lake itself.

Instead of exploring the big Pagoda, we got fascinated looking at one of the huge boat which has been nicely secured in a cage just next to it. While other foreigner making their way to the Pagoda, we went to the opposite direction. And as usual, local villagers are looking at us in a very strange way. No one was there to explain to us on that huge gold boat but we very much suspected that it was used for some special events.DSCN5637-2DSCN5638-2DSCN5644-2The view of the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda


Besides having some offering stall or kiosk right in front of the Pagoda, we explore further up to the side of the Pagoda compound where there’s a small market by the local villagers. Again, they looked at me, chit chat among them and smiled as if they’re telling me that they haven’t seen a Muslim lady before. I shared with all the ladies my final pack of chocolate and they looked very happy. Sometimes, action speaks louder than words.


Large rice crackers, local children favourite! This is like a ‘popcorn’ for them! DSCN0990-2


Based on our research, many travellers wrote that it doesn’t worth going to the monastery these days perhaps this was because there’s no more cat jumping for the visitors. Years back, monks apparently taught all these cats to jump through hoops and it became a tourist attraction ever since. And yes, we still end up visiting the monastery regardless with all the bad remarks given. There are cats but they are not jumping. Not at all! 😀 But we were happy to see that all the cats are well fed by the monks.

DSCN5667-2DSCN5668-2But at least, this whole view from the other end of the monastery save it all!DSCN5671-2With that so called ‘NO’ jumping cat visit, we have actually come to the end of Inle Lake discovery. Our boatman told us that it’s time to head back to the main jetty located at Nyaungshwe. Again, on our way back, we saw this group of local fishermen and other villagers collecting seaweed.DSCN1041-2DSCN1052-2DSCN1077-2DSCN1068-2DSCN1066-2DSCN1071-2DSCN1073-2DSCN1074-2DSCN1078-2

Our happy faces! Mission accomplished!DSCN1061-2

Nyaungshwe boat jettyDSCN1084-2

In overall, despite of the visit to the local workshop which seems to be there for the tourist visit, we still enjoy the whole magnificent view and beautiful landscape of Inle Lake. It’s really an experience seeing how they actually live at the lake just from the boat. In overall, Inle Lake is really a natural wonder.

We will continue our journey on Mingalabar Yangon – City Tour (Part 1).

Simply us,
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