Mingalabar Yangon – City Walking Tour (Part 1)

From Nyaungshwe, we depart to Yangon via night bus which runs daily departing at about 6.00pm and arriving Yangon at 7.00am. As this is our first time on a JJ night bus in Myanmar, we were so impressed by the service offered by them. There were 2 bus drivers on board as well as a stewardess who serves us hot or cold drinks. As you wish. We were even told that dinner was provided that night but we declined the offer by just taking the remaining instant noodles pack that we have with us. No worries as blanket and a small pillow was also provided throughout the journey. Amazing! Just amazing!

On top of that, we met another Malaysian on the same bus, Ong. He was travelling alone in Myanmar for the past 6 days and we decided to hit the road in Yangon together with him.

Eventually, we only have less than 12 hours to cover the rest of the city before we depart back home to Kuala Lumpur at 6.45pm flight on the same day. We arrived sharp at 6.30am at the Aung Mingalar Bus Station. We picked all of our stuff from the bus and ignored all the taxi drivers who started to harass us with unreasonable price just to get us to the city centre. We decided to clean ourselves and get a change at JJ Office before we hit the road. We then took the local bus where we only paid 200 Kyat each instead of that expensive USD18 for a taxi. Tips: print out the Myanmar’s number character for easy identification.

Me and our new friend, Ong.DSCN1106-2


Everyone on the bus looked at us strangely! We have big backpacks with us and it came to our surprised that we were then squeezed and shared the bus seats not 2 but 3 persons at one time. Phewwww!


The Morning Rush

We stopped at the main road and head over to Anawrahta Road to get some breakfast again at the same shop of Innwa Cold Drinks & Confectionery.DSCN1118-2

Spot some Malaysia products here? DSCN1123-2DSCN5680-2

While having breakfast, we decided that we shall proceed with the city walking tour that will took us about 3.5 hours as per Lonely Planet. Let’s hit the road baby! The nearest stop is definitely the Sri Kali Temple, a Hindu temple located in the Little India spot of Yangon. It was easily spotted by the colourful architecture especially on the carvings, images and many other structures on it. You can even spotted hundreds of pigeons right in front of the temple too!DSCN1121-2DSCN5689-2DSCN1126-2DSCN5690-2

Besides the famous Bogyoke Aung San Market, another famous market in town is the Theingyi MarketThe only things that we bought here is the Tanaka cream or powder for our families and friends back home. For real, its way cheaper here! You can find all sorts of goods such as foods, cosmetics, herbals, medicines, vegetables, fruits and many others.

The street life right in front of Theingyi Market


Next in the list is Masjid hunting. On the first day when we arrived in Yangon, we saw a lots of Masjid just within the city centre which includes Sunni and Syiah. The first Masjid that we saw was Mogul Shiah Jaamay Masjid.



Cholia Jam.e Masjid DSCN5709-2DSCN5708-2

You can also get a glass of yogurt, lassi (a delicious classical Indian yogurt drink) within this Masjid area too. But if you ask us whether we try it or not. We eventually DON’T. Just to save the stomach throughout the day. 😀DSCN5711-2While continuing exploring the city, we came across a small post office and it’s time for us to post some postcards to those back home. And it’s not that cheap compared to other places that we’ve been.


We will continue our journey on Mingalabar Yangon – City Tour (Part 2).

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6 thoughts on “Mingalabar Yangon – City Walking Tour (Part 1)

  1. Jari Manis says:

    Zara, mana-mana blog yang JM baca, kalau pegi Myanmar, mesti dorang akan cakap servis dari JJ Exspress ni memang Tip Top. Okey. Noted! Tengah prepare itinerary ni. Hihihi.


  2. Jari Manis says:

    Jauh bezanya harga bas dan taxi tu. Biasalah kan. Driver taxi kat mana2 pun even di Vietnam CEKIK DARAH! Taking a bus is a good choice 🙂


  3. Jari Manis says:

    Bedak TANAKA! Pernah pakai, beli kat pasar malam small size RM10. Kat sana mesti leh dapat dalam RM2-3 je kan?


  4. Salam Zara. Your posts and photos of your travels have always been interesting. First time I’m reading of this Tanaka powder. Is it the thing all those Myanmar ladies apply to their cheeks (as seen in your photos)?


  5. Jari Manis – Talking about JJ bus, we couldnt denied on that. Memang terbaik. Tidak syak lagi. Terpulang pada budget dan masa jugak JM. Kalau tak ada kekangan masa, mungkin boleh tunggu dan ambil bus jer. Murah memang murah. Yeap, bedak Tanaka di sana mmg murah.


  6. Oldstock – Waalaikummusalam. Yeap, it’s tanaka powder. But it is not limited to ladies only. Ada jugak lelaki yang pakai sebab tanaka powder ni function nya as sunscreen pada mereka. Jadi mereka gunakan setiap masa.


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