Mingalabar Yangon – City Walking Tour (Part 2)

From the post office, we took the Maha Bandula Road and walked towards the Maha Bandula Park. It was very easy to spot on as this park is surrounded with important buildings within the area such as the famous Sule Pagoda, High Court and Yangon City Hall. Maha Bandula Park is located in the downtown of Yangon and The Independent Monument, an obelisk can be seen right in the middle of the park due to the Burmese Independence from the British way back in the year of 1948 to replace the statue of Queen Victoria.

The view of Sule Pagoda
DSCN1174-2Yangon City Hall
DSCN1178-2Yangon High Court Building DSCN1179-2The Independent Monument. This is exactly where we stopped for a sip of drinks and to free our stiff shoulder. We then realized that we’ve been walking for a few kilometres with our heavy backpack on our shoulder. Some locals even said hi and stop over for a chit chat as well. They were so friendly and helpful! As usual, most of them thought that we are Indonesian and not even Malaysian, maybe it because of my hijab on. As what they shared with us, it came to our surprised that they seldom see Malaysian travelling around Yangon, or Myanmar in a whole.
DSCN5714-2DSCN5715-2We then walked further up and saw this red clay facing bricks building which caught our attention. It was the Myanmar Custom House and most probably this is one of the most well-preserved British colonial buildings around Yangon town.DSCN5720-2

DSCN5721-2DSCN5717-2Just a block away, you will then see this famous and awe inspiring grand colonial building of Strand Hotel. What makes me so excited is that this Hotel was built and opened in the year of 1901 by the Sarkies Brothers, Aviet and Tigran Sarkies. The very same owner of Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang and Raffles Hotel in Singapore. We got the chance to stay at E&O Hotel in Penang last year and it was soo amazing!

The famous Strand Hotel on the left. Saw a bunch of Malaysian runners running for the Yangon International Marathon right in front of the hotel.DSCN5725-2Check out the morning rush traffic! Phew! This was taken from an overhead pedestrian bridge.DSCN5724-2And just to kill the time, we walked around town and observed what did local do in their daily routine. What do they wear, what they eat, what they sell, what they do and many others!

One of the main public transportations here in Yangon.DSCN1189-22nd hand book seller on the street DSCN1206-2Mobile phones seller on a mini truck. This really caught our eyes! DSCN1207-2Locals having their tea beak by the roadside. You will see a lots of this typical street side teashops around Yangon town. Most of time! We observed that in Myanmar, tea is typical drink as hot, strong and sweet with milk or cream and lingered around with a bunch of friends of maybe colleagues. For them, tea shops are some kind of social hubs and it is not unusual for them to spend at least half an hour or up to a day! Maybe it because for most people’s who crammed themselves in a small house with the rest of the family members, tea shop is definitely a place for them to hang out and chat around.
DSCN1209-2Local youngsters watching movie at some local cinema very near to the Train Station.
DSCN1210-2As we still have ample time to get to the airport, we came up with an idea that we shall take the circular train as Ong (our new Malaysian friend) have not tried it before. So, here we go! We only paid 200 Kyat for that train ride and we meet up with the rest of the traveller who wanted to try the circular train too. If you ask us, this is one of the best  and probably the cheapest way to experience the true essence of local life as you travel up to 3 hours to Yangon’s city rural landscape.DSCN1217-2DSCN1219-2The 3 hours will be a little bit long sitting on a hard wooden seat without any air-conditioned. But fret not, the windows are widely open and you can get as much as Myanmar’s fresh air which is even more better. The landscape changed as you move from one station to another station.

DSCN5727-2DSCN1225-2It’s one of the best moments to interact with locals and others travellers too. Just strike a conversation with them!DSCN1239-2DSCN1226-2We stop over at Pa Ywet Sate Kon as been advised by the train master. And from there, we took a taxi directly to the airport. And that’s the end of our journey in Myanmar. In overall, it was really a rewarding experiences for us. We been so sceptical as first when we bought the air ticket, and right now, we both finally agreed that we have made the right choice to explore Myanmar.

Chei-zu tin-bar-te Myanmar! Till next time!

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6 thoughts on “Mingalabar Yangon – City Walking Tour (Part 2)

  1. 1) Takde traffic light – kalau kat Malaysia ntah hape dah jadi.
    2) orang Malaysia takut kot nak p myanmmar (termasuk la I. Hehehe) – Blame the social media on this
    3) Jea, citer apa ko tengok?


  2. Jea – Yeap, read through your blog that you spent some of your time watching movie at local cinema. Gigih betul! Kitaorg tak cukup masa nak tgk. 😀

    Dzuli – Traffic light tue ada, tapi tak banyak la. Takde plak we all encounter some major accident when we were there and skeptical of going to Myanmar tue, I rasa ramai orang rasa macam tue. Tapi better go sebelum ramai tak pergi lagi ni. Takut harga melambung lambung lepas nie


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