Roadtrip to Melaka – Part 1 (River Cruise,Muzium Samudera,Asam Pedas Selera Kampung, Jonker Street)

We were in MATTA Fair last year until we decided to buy a hotel voucher from Seri Costa. Sis tagged along and she bought the voucher as well. So, that was basically how we ended up in Melaka together with my mum. She was super-duper excited for the short visit to Melaka as she always thought that Melaka always welcome and never failed her (We knew that she only wanted to get her Melaka Hard Rock shot glass as she’s an avid collector of it). Furthermore, there’s always something new to see and explore too. As for us, our main modus operandi is just to catch some nice foods and strolling around the town.

Started the journey as early in the morning and once we reached there, Melaka welcomed us with such an unpleasant weather. It was drizzling all the way but we still continued with our initial plan which is the Melaka River Cruise. We headed to the main jetty facing the newly built exclusive hotel, Casa Del Mar. With just RM10 per pax, we then board the boat for about 9km ride which took us about 45 minutes journey. We were clueless and making assumption as the boat move to the other end. It was just a plain river cruise. Furthermore, we were trying our best avoiding the water splashes as it smells badly. At the point of time, how we wish that the boat operator should have not push everyone till the front deck as he/she knew that the water will splashed at that portion.



Once we reached one end and the boat making a turn, we are then served with an audio playback explaining every single thing about the river and Melaka specifically. You will pass through Kampung Morten (a traditional village in the heart of Melaka Town), Eye on Melaka, various numbers of bridges such as Old Market Bridge, Melaka Port (which used to be an important port in the world map), warehouses, trading house and etc. All this reminded us to the glorious days of Melaka as marked in the ancient histories. The River Cruise runs till night too.





We then walked to the nearest tourist spot which is the Muzium Samudera or Maritime Museum. It is located exactly right in front the Medan Samudera, a one stop center selling local handicraft, snacks and etc. This is where a 34 meters height and 8 meters width Flora De Lamar replica, a Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Melaka while on its way to Portugal proudly stands.

The Love of Our Life

Flora de Lamar

As we had almost reached our lunch time, we opt for Asam Pedas Selera Kampung nearby in Bandar Hilir. This will be our choice this time around due to the overwhelming responses and reviews of the restaurant. They served ‘kampung food’ as if the famous Asam Pedas with various choices of fish, Gulai Lemak, Ikan Bakar and etc. Head there early or you might end up queuing for seat. Another reason is that this restaurant is located just a block away from the Seri Costa Hotel that we’ve booked earlier.

Our lunch

The room

After a short break, we hit the road again! We walked around town and Alhamdullillah the sun was making her appearance of the day.

Halia Inc. We got caught of seeing their signboard and font! Too attractive! Love the retro kind of look.

Quayside Hotel, a 3 star boutique hotel.



A pieces of ruin structure found within the area.





Abang beca, he was there waiting for customer. Definitely in love with the caught in the act moment.

Just to quench the thirst, we tried the famous Clock Tower Cendol. Verdict? Nothing can beat my hometown legend which is Cendol Air Putih. Other than just a plain cendol, they do offer ‘Cendol Pulut’ and ‘Cendol Durian’ too!


The latest tourist attraction in town, the famous Hard Rock Café. Mum’s couldn’t missed the chance to grab her shot glass as collection.


Since it was Saturday, this is definitely the best time to head to Jonker Street as there is a night market that sells everything from local snacks, souvenirs and etc. Jonker Street was once a renowned for its antique shops and definitely a place for an antique collector and bargain hunters.  It is a centre street of Chinatown too.






We will continue our journey on Part 2 soon.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

From Taiping With Love – Part 1 (Taiping Town)

Assalammualaikum and Hi there!

From Taiping with Love. It reminds me of the cartoon series way back in the 90’s! Or is it in the 80’s? Totally lost count with numbers. I just realized that I got an Agoda point that need to be redeemed 3 hours before it got expired. Oh gosh! That’s close! We managed to secure hotel somewhere in Kamunting, Taiping. As usual, this is definitely FF’s idea! So, basically this is our first journey of the year. Initially, we wanted to stay in Belum Rainforest Resort. After a few round of discussion, Taiping was finally been chosen as the budget destination this time.

Started the day as early as 7.00am and reached Taiping at 10.00am. As usual, stop over at Tapah R&R for the early energy supply. The first signboard that we saw right after the Toll exit is the Perak Museum (Muzium Perak). Without thinking any further, we just drove to the location.From the reading, I just knew that this is the first museum ever in Malaysia and it was completed way back in 1903.

Perak Museum was founded by Sir Hugh Low in 1883 and hence it’s the oldest museum in the country. It exhibits various collections of zoology and herbarium specimens, and Malay cultural objects. The construction of the museum was carried out in stages where the first phase began in 1883 and completed in 1886. The next phase began in 1889 with the construction of the front and back porches. In 1900, the original building was connected to the Exhibition Hall at the back, and the construction was fully completed in 1903.

Source: Majlis Perbandaran Taiping (Official Website)


Entrance fees is RM2.00 for those MyKad holder.

The first thing that caught my eyes when we entered the first hall is definitely the 9 feet height of elephant skeleton. The skeleton was initially owned by the Department of Museum Malaysia in the 1910 and after the end of the Japanese Government, British has lent the same skeleton to the Raffles Museum in Singapore. It was then returned to the Malaysia Government in 1992. Rasa macam dalam filem ‘Night at the Museum’ plak.



The second hall (still in Ground Floor) which represent the culture, tradition and custom that we have in Malaysia.

The 3rd hall (in 1st Floor) which is more into the ethnic group in Malaysia.


This attracted me as well. An old cannon with Jawi script on it exactly in front of the entrance.


We spent around 45 minutes plus browsing through all the exhibition hall in the museum. I just realized that in all destination that both of us have been through all this while, we never missed to visit the local museum. Is like a ‘MUST’ thing to do while travelling. As for us, museum might be boring to those out there, but this is definitely one of the place that you can referred in order to learn on that particular place. Frankly speaking, we did skipped some of the section that might be seen previously in other museum. 😀

We then decided to go directly to the Taiping Visitors Info Centre. On the way there, we passed by the ‘Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Larut, Matang dan Selama’. A very old building complete with a beautiful landscape around. We just love the set. From our observation, they are still using the building as a government administration office. Oh ya, not to forget the old type of telephone booth. So LONDON! Hahaha. Anyway, it’s just the booth without the public telephone.



Our next pit stop is definitely the Taiping Visitor Info Centre at Jalan Kota. This is where the Taiping Clock Tower is located. It was easy to spot the building since I saw it previously via internet. :D. Through out our reading, it was previously used as the local fire station before being converted to an info centre. Besides, this centre was currently run by the ‘Persatuan Pengusaha-Pengusaha Pelancongan Taiping, Perak’. The personnel there are way too friendly and helpful! The info centre is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 1.00pm and


Map that we got from the centre.

Without any delay, we proceed to the next destination as advised by the visitor info centre personnel. The whole journey would not be complete without a good makan places kan? So, Doli Kuey Teow it is! We headed to Jalan Tupai and if you see Pusat Kesihatan Taiping, you’re at the right place. We’re lucky enough since we managed to get a parking spot just in front of the restaurant and it’s only quarter full. It open daily except Friday from 12.00pm to 11.00pm.

We ordered the signature meal there which is the fried kuey teow. As for us, the taste is just nice and it comes together with ‘sambal kicap’ to compliment the whole meal. The funny part is that they have a branch way back in Kuala Lumpur which is in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, but both of us tak pernah try pun. We passed the same shop everyday to and fro.


Bila perut dah kenyang, there’s nothing else you could ask. So, it’s time to check in to the hotel. It’s about time. We managed to secure a room at SSL Traders Hotel in Kamunting. We wanted to stay at Flemington Hotel near to Tasik  Taiping, but it’s fully booked. Initially, we planned to go for a short rest and solat before we proceed to Matang and Kuala Sepetang.


It seems that we still have a few areas in our stomach that left unattended. So, we decided to search for the famous cendol in Taiping Town which is ‘Restoran Ansari Famous Cendol’ in Jalan Chung Thye Pin off Jalan Barrack to quench our thirst. The place is very near to Cendol Bismillah (next to Bank Persatuan at Jalan Barrack). We end up with Restoran Ansari since the info centre personnel told us that both of the cendol recipe it’s actually originated and inherited from the same family. However, Cendol Bismillah was then sold to another person. We couldn’t confirm further on the info. Tak sure atas kesahihan cite nie but i guess we make the right choice! I just love the combination of the cendol and pasembur! Amazing! We managed to swallow our portion in less than 10 minutes.



We will continue our journey on Part 2 – Matang and Kuala Sepetang.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma