Kuala Lumpur – KL City Gallery

Assalammualaikum and Hi there!

It happened exactly on our very last Sunday of the year (Read as 2012). Right after a quick shopping at Jalan TAR (as per mum’s request) and we really have no idea where are we going to at that point of time before our lunch at Wadi Hadramawt, I came up with an idea to go to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. It all started when I read one of the entries from EmilaYusof blog. I told myself that I should visit this place one of these days. So, this is it!

Me: What if we go to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery? Saw the review at one of the blog and it’s quite interesting. By the way, you can see the gigantic I LOVE KL sculpture there too.

FF: Best ke? Tak best SIAP you.

Mum: Ala, Jom la. This must be interesting.

Oh ya, every year, we definitely squeezed some of our time to have a family dinner or lunch on new year eve and outing (if time permitted). This means that we have a big crowd here. Takde la big crowd. There’s only 7 of us je. We quickly drove off from Jalan TAR area and headed to KLCG near to Dataran Merdeka (just next to the Kuala Lumpur Library Building). One of the best thing of this place is that they do provide free visitor parking exactly in front of the building. Not to forget the strategic location too. It can be easily accessible by public transport – STAR and PUTRA LRT train. If you spot the big gigantic I LOVE KL sculpture, then you are at the right place. This is like the signature and the welcome sign for the place.

The 4 metre high sculpture weighing about 800kg.

FREE Admission! We really love FREE stuff kan? Who doesn’t? The KLCG building was built as a government printing before being converted as a first Kuala Lumpur public library. Currently, KLCG is owned and run by ARCH Malaysia.


Right after the main entrance, you’ll then see the information centre. Oh my, the place was like SUPER crowded at that time. Full of tourist asking for direction to nearby places. They also provide all kind of pamphlet and city map.


Next is definitely the Memories of Kuala Lumpur hall. The history of Kuala Lumpur is nicely defined here together with the prints and photos.





We then headed up to the First Floor (J. Russel Floor) to get a full overview on the architecture scale of Kuala Lumpur City Model. As mentioned in the KLCG website, this are the largest scale model of Kuala Lumpur and the only one in Malaysia measuring 40ft x 50ft where the city’s skyline and landscape will be clearly and closely replicated here (Source: KLCG). That’s super HUGE! It comes with a 3 minutes video show on Malaysia in a dark room and the whole model will be lighted. That’s interesting too!



Right in front of the video room, there’s actually a viewing deck of Dataran Merdeka (Dataran Square). I just realized that while waiting the rest of the family members since i managed to squeeze in on the earlier video show. Love the KL alphabet kind of stool. Cool abis!


We then proceeded downstairs to the Dataran Merdeka Diorama Model. This is the largest miniature of Dataran Merdeka which covers approximately 1.7 square km (including China Town and Masjid Jamek). I really love the set. I mean, the bulb lighting arrangement. Did this once at my previous project using the wiring with fabric coated.

Phew! We thought it ends here, but there’s actually another 2 hall to go! You’ll pass through the ARCH making section. This is where they produced all the unique, fine and delicate end product handmade. Amazing! Staff ni mesti patient abis buat model nie.

Us (without the menantu’s) with the background of ARCH recognition all around the world. Here, you’ll see all the original samples that has been produced and customized as per request by the clients.


Beloved sis with another ARCH recognition wall.

We finally reached the final hall which is the ARCH Kuala Lumpur Gift Shop! Rambang mata but as usual we only get those fridge magnet as our personal collection. Oh ya, they even stated that ARCH gifts and collectible items have been endorsed by Kuala Lumpur city hall as the official souvenir of Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t know that earlier!




There goes our last Sunday of the year! Everybody went off with a big smile on the face since we learn, see, discover and experience new thing today. As mentioned by Fatt, is not because of the destination, but it’s about the journey. Dear FF, didn’t I mentioned that tempat ni best? Told you earlier. So, stand there please say Thank You to me. I appreciate that. 😀


Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma