Pulau-Pinang – Part 2

We basically doesn’t have much time on 2nd days since we gonna left Penang right after lunch time. Our host, FF’s cousin made a wake up call in order to bring all of us to the best Nasi Kandar in town again! Ya, don’t be surprise. We definitely gonna get Nasi Kandar for breakfast this time. Hopefully, perut ni boleh terima nasi kandar early in the morning. This time, our host brought us to Sulaiman Nasi Kandar (Famous Dhoby Ghout Nasi Kandar) at Jalan Air Itam (Jalan Utama). This shop is open only for breakfast from 5am till 11am.

The stall

Waiting for our turn. Time nie, mostly banyak lauk dah nak abis.

The traditional vehicle used by them to transport all the food. Our cousin told us that there are still nasi kandar vendors who brought their food using ‘kandar’. We didn’t experience that.

Oh ya, we had the best apam telur and apam biasa here as well! Serious! To die for! You can spot the Makcik and her lovely daughter selling apam just in front of the shop. We’re just lucky that we managed to get the last portion of apam from her stall.

Our food, the delicious nasi kandar and apam.

Our host, Abang Zul.

The proud owner, Pakcik Sulaiman. We’re quite shocked when paying the bills. Sangat-sangat murah. We never thought that it will be that cheap. Dah la sedap. Two thumbs up!

We then make a move to Rumah Kelahiran P. Ramlee (House of Birth of P. Ramlee) at Jalan P. Ramlee (formely known as Caunterhall Road). P. Ramlee was born in the house which was build way back in 1926 by the Father and the Uncle, Rejab bin Hussein before being handed over to Arkib Negara Malaysia (The National Archives). The original form of the house is still intact. Next to the house, you can actually visit the P. Ramlee’s gallery which is within the same compound featuring the press photos, personal artifacts such as the music instruments which all belong to Allahyarham P.Ramlee. Admission is free and it’s open daily to public except Monday. We spent 1 and 1/2 hours browsing around the area.

P.Ramlee (who actual name was Teuku Nyak Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh) was born on 22 March 1929. His Father, a sailor from Lho’ Seumawe, Acheh, who came to Pulau Pinang, married Che Mah binti Hussein from Kubang Buaya, Butterworth in 1925. In 1948, a lean pimpled teenage of nineteen made a date with destiny, a romance with the film would that met his fulfillment in the next tree decades of his life. It all began when he accepted an offer to sing an act for Shaw Brothers Malay Film Production of Singapore. P. Ramlee took his step and henceforth become a super star. Source : Arkib Negara Malaysia (The National Archives)



Our last destination before we headed back to KL was Chowrasta Market or Pasar Chowrasta. The name ‘Chowrasta’ in Urdu means four cross roads or Market of Thieves as stated in the Chowrasta road plaque found around the area. The area was dominated originally by Indian traders who sells fish and meats. The reason why it was called the ‘Market of Thieves’ is all because when ex-prisoners often found employment at the market those days. Oh yaa, to support the facts, local prison are situated nearby in Penang Road (Jalan Penang).



The main reason we are here is to taste the famous cendol at Penang road. Unfortunately is was not open on that particular day. Tak bernasib baik. Baru berangan nak merasa cendol kat situ. Just want to compare with the one at my hometown, Cendol Air Putih, Kuantan. Right after that, FF’s cousin brought us to buy some jeruk since mum’s was giving me a long list of jeruk to bring back home. We personally choose ‘Jeruk Nasir’ at one of the stall near to Chowrasta Market. We’ve been greeted and welcomed by Pak Nasir’s daughter who are in charged. Baik hati betul anak Tauke Kedai ni.




You can get all range of ‘jeruk’ here from buah pala, betik, mangga, kelubi and others. Couldn’t list all. Dah lupa sebenarnya. Just name it and you can get it all here. We drove back to KL right after lunch time. We will definitely come back to visit other places like Fort Cornwallis, Museum, Penang National Park and others. Time doesn’t permit us to cover all the places. Insya Allah. Not to forget our host, Abg Zul, Kak Ina and all the lovely kids (Seha, Ain, Shafeekah). Thanks for the warm hospitality and being our tour guide for 2 solid days.

Bye, bye Penang.




Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma