Langkawi – Part 3 (Beaches in Langkawi)

An island wouldn’t be complete without beautiful beaches around. This is definitely the first things that came across our mind when we stepped into Langkawi. There’re a lots of beaches lies in the main island of Langkawi which mostly located in the Northern and Southern shoreline. We only managed to visit a few of the beaches as it was only a short trip for both of us.

Pantai Teluk Burau (Burau Bay Beach)

We found the place right after we explored Langkawi Cable Car and Telaga Tujuh. Less crowded and a little bit quiet. It’s a long beach of white sands facing the Pulau Burau (Burau Island) which are the roosting place of migratory birds. I was mentioned by locals that we can actually walk towards to the island during low tide. But caution as we should know exactly the right time of high tide and low tide. We might not want to be surrendered at the island itself.



Pantai Batu (Pebble Beach)

As Pantai Teluk Datai (Datai Beach) is considered as a private beach and we believe one of the best beaches in Langkawi, we wanted to explore the closest area to it too! That’s the reason why we finally ended it up here. How does we find the place? We randomly stopped over at a unmaintained car park area and being curious, we parked our car and walk towards the sea. And this is exactly what we found! It was such an amazing view and what make it different from others is instead of sand, this beach is full with rocks and pebbles of all sizes.



Pantai Tanjung Rhu (Tanjung Rhu Beach)

Another area which is absolutely secluded and with such a silent and peaceful atmosphere is definitely Pantai Tanjung Rhu (Tanjung Rhu Beach) on the Northern Tip of Langkawi Island. This is where the Four Season Resort and Tanjung Rhu Resort is located. To reach here, we passed through a very quiet coastal road and it’s very far away from Kuah Town (the duty-free shops area) and even Pantai Cenang too.

Pantai Tanjung Rhu gets its name – Tanjung means cape while rhu is casuarina. During low tide, it is possible to walk across a sandy stretch to the rocky outcrop of Pulau Chabang. Nearby are a number of caves as well as mangrove swamps.

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Pantai Chenang (Chenang Beach)

Pantai Chenang!  It is located 20km away from Kuah Town and the most developed beach in Langkawi. We believe this is the most happening and popular beach on Langkawi island as it offers a wide range of accommodation to choose (from budget to mid range types of hotel and also a few high-end resort). Not to forget various kinds of cafes and restaurants from local, western and fusion which cater to all kind of tourist crowds too.Some said that Pantai Chenang has an absolutely beautiful sunset but unfortunately, during our short stay we just couldn’t fit our time to experience those moments.








If you’re happened to be in Langkawi, you might want to visit Pantai Batu Hampar (Laying Stones Beach), Pantai Kok (Kok Beach), Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black Sand Beach), Pantai Tengah (Middle Beach), Pantai Beringin (Banyan Beach), Pantai Tengkorak (Skull Beach) and the list goes on!

It’s a wrap to our short trip to the historical island of Langkawi!

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