From Taiping with Love – Part 3 (Taiping Town again)

Completed our so-called ‘treasure hunt’ in Matang and Kuala Sepetang earlier. But, we definitely need to continue the ‘treasure hunt’ back in Taiping town itself. Right after the overdosed consumption of prawns, we then drove back to Taiping town. Just to kill the time, we strolled down the Taman Tasik Taiping and it’s really KILL me out! I lost my BB right here! I just realized it when we left the place and we quickly turned back to check whether my BB is still there or not. After a few trial, ‘the person’ who found my BB cancelled out the call and turned off the phone immediately. Thanks! You’ve made my day! Tragis gile. By the way, I’m proud to announce that I’m now phone less for almost 8th day. 😀




In case you’re wondering that big trees, it’s actually ‘Pokok Hujan’ or Rain Tree. Scientifically, it was called as ‘Samanea Saman’. Right after the tragedy, we then left to hotel and had our dinner at the food court next to Balai Bomba Taiping. So, our choice is Kak Lia Yong Tau Fu No. 17 as advise by other blogger. Maybe, Yong Tau Fu is just not our kind of food. We couldn’t complete the whole meal plus the condition of the food court itself. :(.

On the 2nd day, we immediately checked out from the hotel since we need to get back to KL as soon as possible. But we promised our self that we need to get some good local food before we left. FF’s really wanted to go to The First Galleria since we saw the place the night before. Apparently, we got lost and that the reason how we found out about it. Unfortunately, the place will be open somewhere around 12.30pm and we have to pass it out. But, we had fun looking over stuff just in front of the galleria.

The First Galleria.


Model 221 Class of 22125 which carried the name of ‘Teluk Chempedak’! For many years, the 221 class was used in the back and forth to Singapore via ‘Ekspress Rakyat’.



This is definitely our last tour to Taiping before we left. We parked our car by the roadside and walked along the old looks of shop houses to the market and end up at the Larut Matang Hawker Centre.


Oh my, we really impressed on the structure of the old market. It really stand till today.

The barber. A Pakcik and an Uncle. Love it!

And this is where our food hunting ends! We tried the Ella Popiah before waiting Pakcik Jabbar to set up his stall. You can see the ingredients. Simple but yet delicious! We then ordered the famous Mee Combat too! Since we’re there early and no one were around, we had a short chit chat and asked Pakcik Jabbar how does the word of ‘COMBAT’ came into the picture. He explained to us with full of action. How cute! He actually love the COMBAT TV series produced way back in 1972 and he always makes fun with the children who came down from the upper floor through the staircases (previously the Larut Matang Supermarket) doing an action of gun shooting. Since then, people around called him Combat! We laughed out loud! To make it more real, Pakcik Jabbar will always wear an army shirt as his uniform too!

Ella Popiah.



In overall, Taiping really create the scent of calm as for us. And there’s no time concept here. Everything were remained as it should be in this modernization era.

Mission accomplished! Taiping rocks! Where’s next?

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

From Taiping with Love – Part 2 (Matang & Kuala Sepetang)

Within 20 minutes of car ride to Matang, we then stumbled across the Matang Historical Complex signage. We look at each other without words and FF’s very much understand that we need to stop over and visit the place. Actions speak louder than words. :D. Entrance fees are free.

The Matang Historical Complex (formerly known as Kota Ngah Ibrahim Historical Complex) is located at Gantang Hill, Matang (formerly known as Permatang). It was built by Ngah Ibrahim, who carried the title Orang Kaya Menteri Paduka Tuan. He was the son of Che Long Jaafar, the first Malay who opened tin mines in the Larut, Matang and Selama areas in 1840. This complex also doubled as a home, fort and administrative center and covers an area of 0.8094 hectares. This building was constructed using only rock-based materials. After Ngah Ibrahim’s death in Singapore on Feb 4, 1895 the building was put under the English administration until it was converted into the Matang Malay Teaching College (1913-1922). During the Japanese occupation in the Malay States (1941 – 1945), it functioned as the Japanese Army’s headquarters. After Japan surrendered and the World War II ended in 1946, it was transformed into a Malay School (1945-1984). The fort was converted into the Matang Historical Complex beginning in 1985 and was handed over to the Department of Museums and Antiquities (Now Department of Museum Malaysia).

Source: Majlis Perbandaran Taiping (Official Website)

The exterior

The interior (1st floor)

Check out the Union Jack flag!DSCN8662-2

While driving towards the Kuala Sepetang Town (formerly known as Port Weld), I talked to FF’s and told him that I got goosebumps while walking around at the Ground Floor of the house (especially after passing by the model of prison, once used by Japanese’s Army as the headquarters). FF’s responded the same but we just keep it to ourselves till we finished exploring. Phewww!

On our way to Kuala Sepetang Town, the mangrove forest welcomed us with open hand.

Once reached the Kuala Sepetang town, the first smell that stuck in my nose is definitely the smell of seafood! You can actually see the fisherman loading up all their ‘catch of the day’ at the nearby jetty. We then saw this old signboard of KTM Portweld dated 1885. OMG! It has been there for about 128 years! We just found out that the whole railway line from here to Taiping is the first railway line in the Peninsular of Malaysia. The only thing left is the signboard and the ticketing booth which is now a coffee shop!


We then left to Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve (Hutan Paya Laut Matang). Again, NO entrance fees required! Did i told you that this is really a low-budget travel but you can really enjoyed it all the way. I believe it’s open daily to visitor. The best part is that it has a boardwalk built over the swamp and you can really observe the mangrove closely.

Matang Sea Mangrove Jungle is 101,877 hectares, with 198 permanent forests reserves that have various flora and fauna species from the shoreline and sea mangrove eco-system. This is the oldest mangrove jungle and recognised as the best mangrove jungle management and administration in the world.

Source: Majlis Perbandaran Taiping (Official Website)





The jetty and the view from here.


We even saw the charcoal factory signboard nearby. FF’s entered the junction and we stop at one of the factory and asked the workers whether is it possible for us to walk around and see how charcoal were made. They told us that we’re very much welcomed and feel free to walk around. Permission granted! It’s best to seek for permission once you entered other people premises. Current view finder at that time : RUSTIC, DUSTY, HOT, BLACK. We’re very much lucky since the workers are still around at this hour.








The whole trip wouldn’t be complete with a bowl of local famous ‘Mee Udang’ in Kuala Sepetang. We then end up at ‘Mak Jah Mee Udang’ at Kampung Menteri due to the crowd there. We only ordered a bowl of ‘Mee Udang’ and ‘Udang Goreng Tepung’ for both of us. Just nice since we’re still full with Kuey Teow, Cendol and Pasembur that we had earlier on the same day. :D. I would say that I like ‘Udang Goreng Tepung’ the most than the ‘Mee Udang’ itself. It’s very easy to spot the restaurant with the help of directional signage along the way. You wont get lost.



We wrapped up the whole journey to Matang and Kuala Sepetang somewhere around 5.00pm and returned to Taiping Town.

We will continue our journey on Part 3 – Taiping Town.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma