Bangkok – Part 6 (The Grand Palace)

After a mouthful breakfast, we started discussing on the itinerary. Again, its gonna be a LONNNGGGG day for all of us. Endless walking and hopping into the MRT, BTS and the express boat to avoid the traffic. Besides, it’s super cheap! We kicked off the 3rd day by visiting The Grand Palace or ‘Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang’. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. It open everyday from 8.30am to 3.30pm with an entrance fees of 500 baht (Equal to RM50) which includes tickets to Vinmanment Mansion and the Royal Thai Decorations and Coins Pavillion.

How to get here: BTS – Silom Line, Saphan Taksin Station (Exit 2). Then take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Ta Chang Pier (No.9). 10 – 15 minutes walk will bring you to the entrance of the Grand Palace.

The cheapest mode of transportation to get to The Grand Palace


Cruising through the Chao Phraya River


It is located on the west side bank of the Chao Phraya River. It was established in 1782 and the palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam. Even though the present King currently resides in Chitralada Palace, The Grand Palace are still in used for some official events and government offices as well as the renowned Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It covers an area of 218,000 square metres and surrounded by four walls with 1900 metres in length.



Phra MondopDSCN0309-2

Rather than being a single structure, the Grand Palace is made up of numerous buildings, halls, pavilions set around open lawns, gardens and courtyards. Its asymmetry and eclectic styles are due to its organic development, with additions and rebuilding being made by successive reigning kings over 200 years of history. It is divided into several quarters: the Temple of the Emerald Buddha; the Outer Court, with many public buildings; the Middle Court, including the Phra Maha Monthian Buildings, the Phra Maha Prasat Buildings and the Chakri Maha Prasat Buildings; the Inner Court and the Siwalai Gardens quarter. The Grand Palace is currently partially open to the public as a museum, however it remains a working palace as several royal offices are still situated inside.

Source: Wikipedia

Windows at Hor Phra Rajkoramanusorn

Prasat Phra Dhepbidorn (The Royal Pantheon)


Hor Phra Monthian Dharma

We got fascinated looking at the architecture of the building. Amazing! And not to forget, lotus that you can see all around the palace.

Phra Siratana Chedi. Everything is all in gold-plated.



The signature of all is definitely the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. We got the chance to step and to witness the Emerald Buddha. It’s quite pack since local will convene to pay respect to the Buddha. Security personnel are everywhere and no photo shall be taken. As for us, it’s worth paying for the 500 baht. The whole structures are BEAUTIFUL and TRADITIONAL.

As promised to the whole family members, right after the visit to the Grand Palace, we gonna spend the whole evening at Chatuchak Market.  It is also known as Jatujak or J.J. This is the largest market in Thailand and the largest market in the world! This place will definitely wreck your wallet! For real! It is advisable to print out the whole layout plan of the market since you obviously don’t want to waste your time walking to one end and to another end.  It’s divided into a few sections which offer varieties of products ranging from home decor, clothing, jewellery, bags, souvenir, antics, plant, gallery and even pets store!

Oh ya, it’s easy to get Halal food here too! We opt for the yellow chicken rice (or Khoa Mok Kai) since a friend of mine keep reminding us not to miss that dish from the particular stall. And she’s true! The stall is located in Section 5 which faces Section 10 (opposite of a Ceramic Store called Zera House). And guess what, we came for the 2nd times just to sip the hot spicy soup and the fried chicken. Our biggest reason is that, we just need to get something for our tea time.

The unforgettable Yellow Chicken Rice

We wrapped up the whole journey in the land of thousand smiles! And Bangkok is definitely a place that we will re-visit!

Sawasdee Krab.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

Istana Negara Lama

Assalammualaikum and Hi there!

In conjunction of the Installation of the new Yang Di Pertuan Agong which was held on 11 April 2012, the Department of Malaysia Museum had decided to open the Old National Palace in Jalan Istana to public. If I’m not mistaken, tentatively it’s only open up to mid of June 2012 but now, it has been extended till end of the year. Yes, end of year.

Since my current project is situated in Jalan Istana itself, i squeezed my times to visit the Old Palace on Saturday together with my other two colleagues. We were there somewhere around 10.00am. At that point of time, there’s only a few peoples in. It’s open to public from 9am till 5pm. No entrance tickets charged but you are required to pay an amount of fees for the usage of camera and video camera inside the exhibition hall. I actually invited some of our colleagues to accompany us, but it seems that museum doesn’t impressed them much. As mentioned by them, museum will be the last place on earth that they wanted to visit.

The Main Entrance of the Old Palace DSCN5531-2


Can you spot a free admission sign there – ‘MASUK PERCUMA’. DSCN5533-2

This is basically the brief history of the Istana Negara, Jalan Istana as defined by wikipedia.

The palace was originally a double-storey mansion which called The Big House built in 1928 by a local Chinese millionaire, Chan Wing. During the Japanese Occupation from 1942–1945, it was used as the residence of the Japanese Governor. After the surrender of the Japanese on 15 August 1945, the British Military Administration (BMA) commandeered it for a senior military officers mess from the rank of brigadier. With the formation of the Federation of Malaya in 1950, the Selangor State Government rented the residence from the owners for Straits Dollars 5,000 a month until Merdeka or Indepencence in 1957. It was renovated to become the palace of His Majesty the Sultan of Selangor. In 1957, the owners sold the property of 13 acres to the Federal Government at an agreed valuation of Straits Dollars 1.4 Million.

The long stretch of driveway.DSCN5534-2

Main Building DSCN5536-2


Our first step ever to the Palace. Kami hanya orang-orang kebanyakan. Hehehe. DSCN5581-2


Some of the personal stuffs and collections belong to the new Yang Di Pertuan Agong. One of his personal interest and passion is photography.



Sort of an interactive touch screen panel. Panas gile kot screen tue! Half way in the 1st exhibition hall, all of us sweating all the way. There’s no air cond in the exhibition hall. Furthermore, they are using a yellow down light panel on all the exhibition panel. Panas kot! I think the exhibitor should do something out of it. You can even see the comment written in the guest book asking for an air-conditioning facilities.




Us (from left Lee EunYat, San Sano and me). Both of them, nama semua nak ala-ala Korea and Jepun jek. DSCN5575-2

Oh ya, did i mentioned that they had prepared a shoe cabinet since we required to put off our shoes before entering the main hall. DSCN5582-2

The rest of the visitor. Once we finished, we saw more and more peoples coming in. We’re lucky enough to come earlier. Kalau tak, makin berpeluh la dalam exhibition hall tue. Phew! DSCN5587-2

How cute are they! Even kinder garden students are here as well! DSCN5590-2
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Zara AB
The Province of Chroma