#TSDayOut – Subang Skypark Airport Tour

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#TSDayOut? Yeap! It’s Tourism Selangor Day Out. That was our first time joining in. It all started when we saw the twitter announcement, we sent out an email to the administrator and the rest is all history. We got attracted to be part of the programme since most of our travel blogger friends that we knew had made an involvement with it. So, we thought that why don’t we just give it a try. #TSDayOut is just not a day out to show what Selangor can really offer but it is also a platform and medium to get to know other bloggers and make new friends.

Subang Skypark Terminal and Firefly

The whole #TSDayOut this time around will covered the tour to the Subang Skypark Terminal with an overview of the Firefly Airlines operation and SimFlight KL simulator. And not to forget an introduction to Peugeot Lounge  as well.

Talking about Subang Skypark, this is definitely where i had my first plane ride back to Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur during my school days. I even had my first ‘TRAVELLING ALONE’ trip with Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) at the age of 8 from here and Kuantan. It really hold back a lots of memories. At that point of time, it is still known as Terminal 3.  I still remembered how busy the terminal is where this terminal is the only terminal hosting local flight (inter state) before  the existence of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). The terminal had undergone a major renovation in 2008 and it was fully completed in 2009.

Subang Skypark Terminal Building Exterior


For security purposes, we’re required to register in and individual pass were given to us.  We’re then been welcomed by Mr. Francis Anthony, the Head of Operation for Subang Skypark and his ground crews who assisted us all the way for the tour.

Currently, Subang Skypark Terminal serve Firefly Airlines, Berjaya Air and private aviation. But you can actually purchase the Air Asia ticket here as well. Oh ya, we were told that Malindo Air will be joining them as well somewhere in June 2013. Wow!

From here on, En. Rusdi from the Firefly Airlines then take charged on giving us the full explanation on the Firefly operation. We are then been highlighted on the destination that Firefly flies which includes Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Terengganu, Kerteh, Johor Bahru, and Alor Setar with regional routes includes Koh Samui, Medan, Pekan Baru and Batam from two hubs which is Subang and Penang.

Firefly check in counter.


The check in counter personnel. She’s been soo kind enough giving us her fullest smile when requested by both of us.

One of the best part is that we’re given a chance to sneak peek on the day-to-day Firefly operation office. This is where all the ground operation works are in action from observing the weather, flight and route schedule and others related. I even overheard a tele-conversation in between a flight operation personnel and a captain regarding on the amendment of schedule. Not to be ‘KIASU’ but just being an observer. Everything seems new to me! Hahaha. What a safe words there!



The flight schedule


We are then brought to the departure and arrival hall. Even though all of us are not flying out, we’re still required to pass by the security check and to surrender all our belongings upon the x-ray scanning.

The way to the Departure Hall.



We even bumped with the Firefly cabin crew flying off to Johor Bahru.

Saw a lil boy staring at the bunch of passengers queuing up. I guess this is what on his mind – “Hey, are we ready for take off? How about me? I want to be on the plane as well!”

The overview of the Firefly ATR72.


While browsing around and chit chatting with the rest of the participants, my eyes caught up with this lady wearing a pair of shirt, a cargo pants, safety boots with a Firefly safety vest. OMG! It’s Hui Ping. My primary and secondary schoolmates. We haven’t met each other for the past 1-2 years. I never thought of seeing her there. The only things that i knew is that she’s previously working with Malaysia Airlines System and busy focusing on her exam. She told me that she’s currently attached with Firefly Airlines and she’s now a certified aircraft maintenance engineer! She finally passed the exam. What a joy! She had a degree in a Quantity Surveying (QS) from UM but maybe because of her enthusiasm and interest, she finally decided to change her career from being a QS to an aircraft engineer. You rock girl! I had to say goodbye since i need to catch up with the group tour.


We are then walked towards the Arrival Hall before we end our airport tour.

As we passed by the Arrival Hall, you’re then welcomed with shopping and dining ambience. It’s just not a terminal but you can actually shop and dine here too. And not to forget other kind of facilities such as Bank, ATM and even a postal services by POS Malaysia. It really suits their tagline which is,

“Don’t just transit, stay on for a unique retail experience at Subang Skypark”




SimFlight KL

After the airport tour, the whole group headed to the 1st Floor which is to SimFlight KL. This is definitely where you can get your hands on the control panel of the Airbus and Boeing kind of things. I guess, every one of us out there would dream to fly a plane and to sneak into the plane cockpit. Currently, SimFlight KL is offering their best simulator for both Airbus A320 and Boeing B737. The whole replica was made exactly and close to the real plane. How cool is that?

The interior of SimFlight KL

Briefing was made by Pilot Wafi on the introduction of SimFlight KL assisted by another to Pilot. He answered to all of our questions even on air pocket and etc before we could be on board. All the so-called ‘pilot’ are then given a chance and they can actually choose where to take off and land which includes KLIA, the most challenges airport in the world which is Kai Tak Airport (International Airport of Hong Kong) or only touring around Kuala Lumpur.


Boeing B737 Simulator.




On board, I’m Captain Lily Riani, your captain for today! *How cute is she?

Last but not least, “KEEP CALM AND LOVE A CAPTAIN”!

Peugeot Lounge @ Subang Skypark
With trumbling stomach on, we then headed to our final pit stop which is the exclusive Peugeot Lounge where lunch was served by Bubba Gump. Super delicious! Just in time! We were informed by En Azman, General Manager of Nasim Sdn Bhd, a proud owner of Peugeot can just show their Peugeot car keys and a privilege card as one of the admission criteria here.



It’s about time when we gathered for a short speech by all the VIPs right after lunch. Everyone was soo excited for the prize giving ceremony of the Best Blog Write Up for #TSDayOut – Amazing Race FRIM and for today Best Photograph. FF won this time around and it was our first time of #TSDayOut.

Getting around in an airport is not something new to us but touring in and out until the flight operation office, trying the simulator and having lunch and mingling around with new friends at an exclusive lounge was really something. It was such an experience. Again, million thanks to Tourism Selangor #TSDayOut, Subang Skypark, Firefly, SimFlight KL and Peugeot Lounge  for making it possible!

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma